Pope Benedict XVI Base 16 and Computer Earth system 370

Hexadecimal Data Processing human bio-computers help explain Earth system 370 social, economic WARS

Base 16 Computer WAR – analysis reports available on February 14, 2013.

The  Base 16 Computer WAR reports  are  posted on a few  different systems.
As analysis of  an empircal data event is  completed, they are posted on a WEBSITE / BLOG.
The posts provide a background …….  enabling the curious computer programmer  to understand the context that we live within: COMPUTER EARTH system 370.   Taking these  basic posts as a starting point, you ought write your version on the situation and  improve upon my  models.

Who knows, maybe somday, we can compare  data  processing WAR notes.

Click on the titles below ….to access some of the   reports.

The Base 16 HEX”FAA” data pipeline battle in Austin. Texas. Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 geography address 1600 issues the bio-computer instruction ” Call STACK” for the Space/Time attACK”

Base 16 hexadecimal highway 16 communications DATA BUS crash insurance reports

Madison bio-computer brain war status VIA Madison $37.0 million dollar Central Public Library

Escherichia Coli 0157 H 7 merges with the bio-computer Fortran H compiler to send a super E.COLI bio-computer WAR signal to COL Timothy Thomas regarding the DARPA FORT Hood intellectual tragedy.


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