Pope Benedict XVI Base 16 and Computer Earth system 370

Hexadecimal Data Processing human bio-computers help explain Earth system 370 social, economic WARS

The BAL = Basic Assembler Language SOS signal from Baltimore ignored by Baltic region countries.


Previous messages have been ignored by governments and  universities. Their  intellectuals are under the MIND CONTROL systems  of  Carl Jung collective unconsciousness groups of people…..groups that control the social and political systems.   George Orwell and Aldous Huxley wrote about these large groups of people ……who manipluate the subconscious mind and subliminal mind. Thus the SCIENCE WARS and atomic brain battles…… symbolic wars on televsion and magazines.

In some cases, these symbolic brain wars get transformed into physical FORMAT  …resulting in family domestic violence, crime, or war…….such as base 16 hexadecimal geography dtata processing  regions  of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 such as
Utoeya, OSLO ,Norway (representing OS /JCL) or base 16 hex region of  HEX’AF’ = 175 = AF.ghanistan.



The   OS   war (Organizational Systems  wars) have been ig.nor.ed  by OSLO , British and American institutions ……..despite requests for help in understanding this EARTH LAB process.

Thus a consequence of arrogance and the pretense of intellectual superiority …….are events like the BALTIC region BAL tragedy in Basic Assembler Language…..in OS region  OSLO. Governments may wish to instruct their universities to upgrade their incomplete perceptions of Nature,  the Earth government, and the Margaret Mead atomic/astrophysics  anthropology continuum.

Computer Earth system 370 geography data processing region –>

The main features of Computer Earth system 370 are:

OSLO –> OS/JCL –> OS Job Control Language
BALTIC region LAND  –>  BAL region LAN (Local Area Network)
Copenhagen, Demanrk subset alphabet letters  –>  Co + De = CODE for bio-computer brains
Copenhagen subset words –>  Copen = Co + open –> Computer open data sets for BAL brain computer programs

The Niels Bohr Institue and the University of Copenhagen and their European friends will not discuss their CAD experiments.
CAD = Computer Aided Design of  human
CAD = Cadavers ….. such as the Utoeya  bio-computer battles over the biological IMS database child records and the Liege bio-computer battle.

The book “TALE of 2 Cities”  thus describes the directly visible OSLO  and the hidden OSLO.
What is the  ” TALE of 2 OSLO’s “?  . . . . . Nature has taken a quantum leap  in recent years ……and has equipped the EARTH government with dozens of new symbolic military tools,  mathematical-physics forces, DATA FIELDS, vectors forces, magnetic field forces, gravity field forces, atomic element forces…..particularly nitrogen, oxygen and ferrous oxide atoms, DNA nucleotide military powers, etc.

Examples are: – President Eisenhower and the announcement of the military industrial complex …….a complex numbers military project.

– President NixoN and his N X N square matrix battles in V S (Vector Space geography region) as reprensented by Vietnam South math war in 1968.

It’s a very interesting process.  It takes a few weeks to understand this evolution of Nature’s social engineering processes. An example is the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 war reports …with BAL = Basic assembler language  and human  government brain computer nonsense experiments. Thus the BAL geography region of the BALTIC with the Norwegian national assembly language  brain computer  experiments…… experiments that provides more data on the tragic processes they engage in.   Thus the human  bio-computer and its parallel …the copper wire computer.



An excerpt from another blog outlines a similar situation.

The Science War for control of Cities The H.G.Wells modern “War of the Worlds” for control of cities. The status review of cities.

The city of Baltimore SOS signal ignored  05/09/11 22:21 , Categories: Uncategorized RD-blog-460

Cities and states ought recognize the proper existence of SPACE / TIME. Many geographical areas have a list of empirical violations of MILKY WAY galaxy –> social gala laws. Examples of cities/states with TIME projects pending include:

Baltimore –> City of Bal.Tim.ore TIME PROJECT

Bal –>Basic assembler languages TIME orders

The State of Maryland is in the Eastern TIME error zone.

The Baltimore Orioles BaseBall team is really a biological computer system; social behavior data processing system. BASE.BALL = BASE registers of BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language of COMPUTER EARTH.

SAMMY SOSA –> SAM = Sequential Access Method SOSA = SOS America –> a TIME COMPUTER help signal.

This is part of the
–> E PluriBUS unum (data BUS) of Uncle SAM
–>Sequential Access Method governmnent with UNIT = TAPE NIXON computer system tape message of the UNIT = UNIT(ed) States of North America …… COMPUTER EARTH system 370 North Pole magnetic DATA FIELD interaation with human iron Hemoglobin..thus creating a bio-computer  …..Captain Picard …BORG like ……. human  magnetic TAPE.
–> part of the Galileo astronomy/astrophysics computer system 370 from BASE year 16.16
–> Base 16 HEX SPACE plus Base 16 HEX TIME. . . . . . . .

Thus the bio-computer NIXON tape  regarding the COMPUTER EARTH magnetic field  and  the Watergate / LOGIC GATE test …..involved more subtle clues … such as….. the
Nixon bio-computer tapes  –> Supersymmetry physics  parallel <—- the  tapes below.




Given the above background about  secret  EARTH systems , we look at the
BALTIC –> year 2000 and year 1895 H.G.Wells TIME MACHINE
BAL + TIC region Y2K …. 2K  Time Computer  problems
……TICK / TOCK the biological clock Y2K errors . . .

BAL –> Brain Computer BAL +  Basic Assembler  Language such as the Norway national assembly  …a collection of bio-computers that do symbolic processing…… but can’t be bothered with understanding the subtle aspects of Sartre existences…..as expressed in modern atomic anthropology physics terms:

UTOE –> Unified Theory of Everthing  which includes UTOE –> Unified Time Order Entry . . . . . . .
Thus giving the BALTIC geography region clock with the FATHER TIME puzzle….

BALTIC puzzle  TIC/TAC/TOE  with symbols
O / X –> OXYGEN Lung time …
TIC –> TICK/TOCK the computer mouse ran up your clock   …
TAC –> Time Machine military TACTICS …
TOE –> Theory of Everything (Time Order Entry)

. . . . . . . . thus we have the year 2000 problem of Y2K with the
Niels BOHR Institute with
………BOHR –> Base O HOUR –> O = Oxygen atomic computer Base 16 BOHR
–> Base Zero HO = HOUR and their withholding of data components on the

U.S.ARMY  Bases with HO CHI Minh trail Vietnam

U.S.ARMY BASE FORT HO tragedy in Texas

Virginia TECH Mr.Clock HOUR battle –> Mr.CHO . . . . . So what is secret message of HO –> HOUR. And universities play dumb….TOO DUMB…especially in year 2011. The vast number of high school  and basic college science and math books provide  many clues…that help explain the deeper levels behind these tragedies.

Like Shakespeare stated     “The World is stage and we are the actors“. . . . . . .
–> We know that the Niels BOHR Institute in Copenhagen is active in
Ni elements….such as Nitrogenous Bases as used by the DNA nucleotides….
….and thus the Darwinian atomic selection of atomic human agent
…..a modern Shakespearean actor ….. biochemistry MAJOR Ni (Nidal)…
thus the battle at FORT Hood was a DNA nitrogenous bases battle using Shakespearean human actors……..to send a subtle, deep, DNA social SIGNAL to DNA researchers……regarding the gestalt context of DNA within a larger social engineering picture. . . . . . In addition, we have the DANE parallel processing region of Dane County, University of Wisconsin, Madison and year 1970.

The usage of 4  human bombers (to symbolize  4 DNA nucleotides)  with a fertilzer bomb (.e., ammonium  nitrate and fuel oil)

AND the superysmmetry physics of the  NITROGEN  event   Robert Fassnacht – Jump to Bombingý: His lab was located in the basement of Sterling Hall. … of cooling down his dewar with liquid <b>nitrogen</b> when the explosion occurred. …

Sterling Hall bombing –
The Sterling Hall Bombing that occurred on the University of Wisconsin …
Aug 24, 2004 – Fassnacht was killed in the explosion, and  four others (4 symbols of injured DNA  by univerrsity approval of BRAND NAME marketing/advertsing …….DNA word cvommand tricks) in Sterling Hall were injured. Years of research work was destroyed. In addition, at least … . . . . . Great Britain and Denmark ought be more careful with playing dumb and stupid ……when the data of STERLING HALL is obvious……..and we get  incomplete reports of the events…with ommisson of many factors in modern THEATER of daily life. . . . .

All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;

Thus Great Britain and Europe ought explain how the – FORT HOOD stage wortked …how was it set-up

– How was Sterling Hall set-up in DANE research terrority

– How was UTOEYA set-up with player Anders Behring Breivik? . . .   Now,  their silence and lack of cooperation in understanding this Margaret Mead atomic anthropology TIME message ……suggests they know why and how  these tragic events occur. . . . . . . Let’s look at the Y2K problem of the BAL<b>TIC </b> region.

Niels BOHR Institute…..keeper of a TIME frame of reference ……BOHR –> Base O =Oxygen Hour …suggest atomic base 16 HEX time . . . . . . . this relates to the Virginia TECH …..TIME equation WAR casualties…excerpt from a BLOG report:

Thus millions of students….have brain computer program defects. What was the biological clock TIME WAR message of Virginia TECH?

We look at the Nature’s DNA military project on EARTH…regarding time life. This is a brief excerpt from the BLOG with keywords:  TIME INSECTS..Science Wars.

–> Virginia TECH English department teaches:

….Twenty – Four hours = 24 hour day OR in math words

… Twenty minus four = 24 hour day (a math contradiction)

….Twenty minus four = 16 hour day ( the April 16 math battle) . . . . Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this issue..regarding the shooting by TIME AGENT Mr.CHO –> C + HO = CLOCK HOUR? . . . Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations….

–> Twenty – four hours = 24 hours ……………four …………… 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock . . . . . . . . Now 2 word spellings exist on the INTERNET  for the Norway tragedy: Utoya  and Utoeya.

Thus we have another TIME messenger with UTOE(Year)…abbreviate year to ya giving  UTOE(ya).

The messenger Anders BeHRing Breivik with TIME identifier: BeHRing –> Be + HR implies BASE HOUR ……thus a LINK between

BeHRing  and Niels BOHR.

The intellectual neglect to upgrade the brain computer in year 2000 with the Y2K biological clock advanced feature…..resulted in another tragic SIGNAL….which has been ignored by Norway citizens…….since newspaper reports completely omit these factors …in the ROLE  played by Shakespearan actor:  Anders Behring Breivik.

Finally we come to the double-helix world, Base 2 binary systems, parallel processing, supersymmetry physics…….concepts with some common features.

Thus we look at WHO –> World Health Organization.
In Computer Earth system 370 terms with the year 1895 H.G.Wells published project plan…the TIME MACHINE…we have a modern TIME COMPUTER….which includes the BAL.TIC  processing region clock.
This then relates to DR.WHO…the TIME Doctor …..and the  television shows and paperback books…..
relating to the  2nd VIEW of  WHO –> World Health Organization for space/time.

Where are Hawking, Gibbons, and Thorne?
Can they be bothered about EARTH LAB events?



CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com


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