Pope Benedict XVI Base 16 and Computer Earth system 370

Hexadecimal Data Processing human bio-computers help explain Earth system 370 social, economic WARS

Base 16 Religious HEX system messages

Oxygen atomic weight 16  is an atomic  Base 16 hexadecimal computer.   ROME, Italy   has a  cortex computer research scientist known  as  POPE Benedict XVI = 16.   His central nervous system 370 data processor with LU = Logical Unit LUNG  has provided empirical data on COMPUTER EARTH societal projects.  As Cardinal Ratzinger, he has made contributions to cardinal number  theory applications,  rational number theory social applications, Z integer mathematical life ,  and Church’s theorem  mathematical logic  symbolic religious expressions.  

He is part of the James Bond DR.NO undercover  NOBEL science project –> the Margaret  Mead nuclear family anthropology expressions.    The DR.NO project has 2 major agents for the periodic atomic table of  religious atomic mass.  The  DR.NO   LUNG  project of  major atomic languages involves:
N = Nitrogen 14 with the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
O = Oxygen    16  with Pope Benedict XVI   of  the Catholic Church

The atomic mass religious  elements rounded to the nearest whole number ..giving 14 and the 14th Dalai Lama with the Botany nitrogen cycle of the  cellulose TREE BUD   Buddhist messenger.
Perhaps,  someday…… Buddhist  scientists will study and practice modern diplomatic  human communications theory.

C –> Carbon atoms of  the organic chemistry  molecular organization with EARTH LAB   identifier   C at = Carbon atom .
C at = Catholic  … atomic carbon based  humanoids.   In addition, we have Oxygen atomic  mass rounded to number Base 16 for agent XVI.


atomic elements

It is important that these 2 Mother Earth messengers and their organizations communicate with COMPUTER EARTH master console representative located in Watertown, Wisconsin. The respective reasons are:

  • The Tree of Knowledge cellulose OAK  tree BUD  finds expression thru its BUDDHIST walking/talking spokesperson the 14th Dalai Lama.  The Government of Tibet in EXILE  offices were sent an  informational mediative update in year 2009.   Since they have not responded,  they don’t  intellectally care to  understand how the world works  and what  the TIBET / China situation expresses.  See the BLOG location: www.TenZinProject.wordpress.com    for details on Margaret Mead nuclear family world politics.   
  • The Tree of Knowledge cellulose data processor  –>  Base 16 hexadecimal  HEX ‘ F0’ rest = 240   wishes to send a cellulose pulp message to the  PULPIT of  Pope Benedict XVI = 16.       As a child in the ELM GROVE grammer school, West  Road, Watertown, Wisconsin  year 1950,  I occasionally had to write 250 times the cortex computer learning COBOL  sentence:  ” I will NOT whisper in class”.          Over 50 years later, in a state of philosophical  review of life ,  I  amused myself with the question:

    Why 250 times?
    Why not 300 times  . . . for a shorter sentence  ” Do not whisper”.
    Perhaps 125 times  . . . . for a longer sentence  ” I, Herb Zinser, will not whisper in the classroom; but ought write a note and pass it silently to the other student while the teacher is not looking in my direction”.In year 2010, the  forest  language of COMPUTER EARTH  gives
    Base 16        X ‘F0′ rest   –> to      X’F0’ rehead         of 2-legged, 2-eared binary structures.
    Thus we have modern social science message processing systems.

  • WHY   250 times?
    Equation    –>  Forest Pulpit (240 )  + Tree Bud of TEN.zin (10)  = 250
    Thus we have a Base 2 TREE of Knowledge message to  2 important figureheads.

I am looking for unemployed intellectuals, the disenfranchised scientists, the curious individual. Perhaps we can help each other. For addional information look at BLOG:  www.ZinoProject.com/blog1/  –> Blog title: Welcome to Project Plan Z.      Other Blog titles give a partial view of  the  BRAVE NEW WORLD.

INTERNET key words:
Herb Zinser Project Plan Z  –> will bring up the WEBSITE or BLOG with contact information.


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