Pope Benedict XVI Base 16 and Computer Earth system 370

Hexadecimal Data Processing human bio-computers help explain Earth system 370 social, economic WARS

The human bio-computer system 370 with religious HEX base 16

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Below, we outline Nature’s  ancient  bio-computer system   using  the super-symmetry physics  parallel  MIRROR copper-wire computer  systems that came into existence between  1950 and 1980.

After that, we will cover  Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE that uses English language words, proper nouns, symbolism and inferences, pictures,  flowcharts and other symbol/concept tools to  construct and send Nature’s system messages that appear  as algebra SUBSET  messages embedded within a larger information data stream … such as a newspaper or a  college  textbook.  To recognize such messages ….  an experienced , older and wiser human  brain symbol processor  is necessary … along with a reference  library of some basic college textbooks in math and science college textbooks.

















Thus we see that Nature’s messages are composed of  message segments  ……  that may appear in  variety of formats and media and genre.

For example ….. water molecule signals   VIA   Farrah Fawcett and water faucets ,  Nixon’s Watergate with President N = Avogadro’s number of  WATER molecule logic GATES while washing in Washington  DC,     Hinckley bottled water … brand name messages VIA John Hinckley and President Reagan,  Clinton and Whitewater, the  US ARMY water falls battle in Fallujah, Iraq in year 2004,   etc .

Nature’s BOTANY cellulose signals VIA  …. President  Wood in year 1914, Supreme Court Justice Douglas (Fir Tree) , President Bush (for the farm agriculture soybean bush),  Boise Cascade  paper company, etc.

Symbolism – Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or

by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or …
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible
Thus we see the need to understand and  translate these signals.
Grand Unified Theory and  the Theory of Everything from physics  help provide  us with a symbol architecture  and concept tools.

Base 16 Computer WAR – analysis reports available on February 14, 2013.

The  Base 16 Computer WAR reports  are  posted on a few  different systems.
As analysis of  an empircal data event is  completed, they are posted on a WEBSITE / BLOG.
The posts provide a background …….  enabling the curious computer programmer  to understand the context that we live within: COMPUTER EARTH system 370.   Taking these  basic posts as a starting point, you ought write your version on the situation and  improve upon my  models.

Who knows, maybe somday, we can compare  data  processing WAR notes.

Click on the titles below ….to access some of the   reports.

The Base 16 HEX”FAA” data pipeline battle in Austin. Texas. Computer Earth system 370 Base 16 geography address 1600 issues the bio-computer instruction ” Call STACK” for the Space/Time attACK”

Base 16 hexadecimal highway 16 communications DATA BUS crash insurance reports

Madison bio-computer brain war status VIA Madison $37.0 million dollar Central Public Library

Escherichia Coli 0157 H 7 merges with the bio-computer Fortran H compiler to send a super E.COLI bio-computer WAR signal to COL Timothy Thomas regarding the DARPA FORT Hood intellectual tragedy.

The BALTIC region biological database war at UTOEYA. The IMS bio-database command: logical DELETE of child data records results in physical DELETE of children.


Computer Earth system 370 OS/JCL war report from the BAL = Basic Assembler Language region of the Baltic Sea. Thus we have Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory …SCIENCE WAR REGION.

The EARTH computer wars are well-known to CAD systems designers of human CAD.avers….such as the Virginia Tech Base 16 Hexadecimal CAD shooting of April 16, 2007.
OS/JCL bio-computer city. Hide search tools
OSLO, Norway Explosion:
Suspect Also at Island Shooting, Police Jul 22, 2011 – . . . . .

–> DATA SIGNAL Emergency services are seen on Utoeya island after a shooting took place at a meeting of the youth wing of Norway’s ruling Labour Party, July …

–> SIGNAL translation of above sentence
Emergency services are seen on Utoe island…… UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything  …..
physics emergency SIGNAL….. ignored by all physics departments… as the atomic human children DEPART for the BAL region Base 16 Hex’AF’ = 175 AF.terlife computer science experiment in the ethics of Base 16 Hex’FF’ = HIGH-VALUES.
Thus the HIGH-VALUES Problem and the Hierarchy Problem of
OS = Office of Science and their bio-computer parallel in
OS = OSLO……. all experts in all of the dimensions of WORLD Sartre existential affairs.

String theory String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to ….. M-theory, which requires spacetime to have eleven dimensions, as opposed …

Why exacly 11 dimensions? Beyond the Standard Model

Theory of Everything – History of string theory – Superstring theory – FuzzballM-theory – In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which …

An M-theory extension is Murder-theory with Mead atomic anthropology. . .

. . . –> SIGNAL and astrophysics translation
Norway’s ruling Labor Party…..
Norway = North Pole + Milky Way galaxy ruling
Labor = Laboratory part . . . . . .

–> SIGNAL OS = Organization Systems on EARTH Computer Earth system 370 BAL region:
BALTIC Science War Region news SIGNALS

OS/JCL biological computer systems….
OS signal message for human brain computers VIA
OS signal FORMAT OS = Oswald Shooting Kennedy
OS signal FORMAT OS = Oswald Shooting Lutz
OS signal FORMAT OS = Omaha Shooting WEST MALL
OS signal FORMAT OS = Oslo Shooting
Oslo Shooting: Pictures of Utoeya Massacre [PHOTOS] osolo-norway-shooting-pictures-of-utoeya-mass…Cached . . . .

–> SIGNAL 32 Data Processing EVENT feedback signal for societal process control systems Brain computer … cortex COBOL computer language WORD 32 with bio-computer Y2K biological clock ERROR.

H.G.Wells the TIME MACHINE(Time Computer word 32).

The oxygen molecular computer 32 LUNG .
Cobol Word 32 of HONOR Agent 32 of…NOR –> NOR.way

NO = Nitrogen and Oxygen message to
NO = Norway LUNG/MOUTH word ver.BAL errors.

Police identify an oxygen molecule life form (Anders) ….oxygen molecule atomic weight 32 …..a SIGNAL of atomic existence for Ox = Oxygen structures that deny existence at Oxford University, England.

–> DATA for the above SIGNAL. BBC = British Bio-Chemistry ..social chemistry RD news

Jul 24, 2011 – Witnesses said the gunman, identified by police as a 32 … Show more results from ibtimes.com BBC News – Return to Norway’s Utoeya island . . . . .

–> SIGNAL 23 of periodic atomic table element Na = Sodium (11 electrons and atomic weight 23). The symbolic life form Mr.Na …is the atomic agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear family SALT TREATY. The inorganic chemistry SALT molecule is (NaCl = Sodium Chloride). Atomic government symbolic representative Mr.Na (atomic political weight 23)…. and the 23 chromosome pairs of Nature’s genetics government ……. has an atomic continuum SALT treaty with humans (comprised of 23 chromosome pairs) and their dinner table SALT and PEPPER shakers.

–> Data 23 Oslo, Utoeya, blood and tears in Norway
Jul 23, 20 11 – 4 min – Uploaded by Gruithuisen City Man Massacre at youth camp on Utoeya island: aerialsby AFP20470 views; Thumbnail 4:11. Add to. Witness to Norway island …

Additional translation needed for subset SIGNAL: Jul 23, 20 11 – 4 min

The 7th month July implies what atomic number element?

23  implies what problem with 23 chromosome time and  the Y2k biological clock ERROR of the brain bio-computer.

How many standard amino acids are in your brain?

What math life number is part of your: SKU11 ?

Do you have a VALID math inventory number in the Solar System warehouse of ideas?

SKU.ll = Stock Keeping Unit 11 = eleven . .

Do you have a math symbolic …. lazy dis.EASE known as: numb-SKU11 ? Numb-SKU11 definitely leads to Dumb-SKU11.

How many DNA nuclotides exist?  4??

Questions are related to the above subset signal. . . . . . . –> SIGNAL 84 about George Orwell book 1984 and Oceania ……
The Totalitarian Destruction of Utopia ==> The Totalitarian Destruction of Utoeya, Norway

utopian fiction. George Orwell published 1984 in 1949 which hypothesized that if totalitarianism was not thwarted, the world of Oceania, as depicted in 1984, …

Themes of 1984 | Novel Summaries Analysis Jan 14, 2011 – Orwell’s 1984 is set in Oceania, a totalitarian state ruled by a god-like leader … of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. …

–> DATA for the above

At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack | Reuters www.reuters.com/Jul 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) – A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a ferocious attack on a youth summer camp of … . . . . .

–> SIGNAL 76 of the periodic atomic table government of element 76 Osmium 190.23 …..message for Niels Bohr Institure, FermiLAB, and Cavendish Labs is ignored. 76 Atomic Number of protons of Margaret Mead nuclear family ….atomic anthropology agent identifier AN = Atomic Number –> AN.ders.

–> DATA for above Norway shooting victims: 76 named in Anders Behring Breivik … www.dailymail.co.uk/ Jul 28, 2011 – Norwegian police have begun to reveal the names of the 76 victims mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik killed. . .

Thus we see the news phrase … Victims 76 –> Vict + ims 76….. thus stating the IMS bio-database war vict.IMS with 76 = OS = Osmium atomic element signal…and its extended signal OS/JCL regarding the Computer EARTH brain war zone at OS = OSLO. . . . . . –> SIGNAL and DATA… astronomy war on EARTH
2011 Norway attacks From Wikipedia 2011 Norway attacks

The above phrase (Norway attacks) has a double-speak translation:

1) simple view: Norway attacks at Utoeya by Anders Behring Breivik 2) the Galileo WARS and a probable SETI view …. NORWAY attacks –> North pole magnetic data field LIFE and Milky WAY galactic elements ATTACK the country of Norway for brain integrity thought violations….as a symbol to Europe and Cambridge University, Oxford, and Niels Bohr Insitute on their inability to help in the SCIENCE WARS
UtøyaOslo Locations of the incidents in the Oslo and Buskerud counties of Norway

Utoya –> Universe TOY ….the battle PLAY-ground . . . . .
–> SIGNAL ..Gravity field interaction with brain atomic mass thoughts

Location Oslo and Utøya, Norway

Date 22 July 2011 (2011-07-22) 15:25[1] CEST (UTC+02:00)
Target Norway Labour Party[2]
Attack type Bombing
Shooting spree
Weapon(s) Car bomb (made using ANFO)
Ruger Mini-14 Carbine
Glock 17 pistol -> Gravity lock G = Universal gravitational constant battlefieldG = 6.6 x 10 exponent -sku11 ….66 (Utøya)[6][7] . . . .

–> SIGNAL and DATA …physics Wolfgang Pauli and Max Born

Perpetrator(s) Anders Behring Breivik (Lone wolf)
The ANDERS philisopohy descibed in news reports…… his views about overpopulation correlates to the physicist MAX BORN atomic social anthtropology LAW signal. European physics ought try to understand the social engineering laws and limits of NATURE and the SOCIAL CONTRACT of John Locke, etc. . . . . . . . .


COMPUTER SCIENCE Base 2 report UNCLE SAM = Sequential Access Method The 2011 Norway attacks were two sequential terrorist attacks against the government, the civilian population and a summer camp in Norway on 22 July 2011.

The first was a car bomb explosion in Oslo within Regjeringskvartalet, the executive government quarter of Norway, at 15:25:22 (CEST).[8] The car bomb was placed outside the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and other government buildings. The explosion killed eight people and wounded several others, with more than 10 people critically injured.

The second attack occurred less than two hours later at a summer camp on the island of Utøya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud. The camp was organized by AUF, the youth division of the ruling Norwegian Labour Party (AP). A gunman dressed in an authentic looking police uniform and showing false identification[10] gained access to the island and subsequently opened fire at the participants, killing 69 attendees, including personal friends of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the stepbrother of Norway’s crown princess Mette-Marit.[11]

The Norwegian Police Service arrested Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian right-wing extremist and terrorist responsible for the mass shootings on Utøya and subsequently charged him with both attacks.[15] The European Union, NATO and several countries around the world expressed their support for Norway and condemned the attacks . . . . .

–> SIGNAL 84 and DATA

In addition we have the ORWELL TIME COMPUTER equation: Book 1984 + Base 16 HEX Oxygen = year 2000 (Y2k signal)

At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack |Jul 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) – A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a . . . . . . –> SIGNAL and DATA: iron Hemoglobin protein WAR

At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack |Jul 23, 2011 – OSLO (Reuters) – A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a ferocious attack on a summer camp of..-

-> translated fero…………………….sum ferrous oxide iron Hemoglobin protein order attack on the math sum/total
fer ferrous oxide life forms at FermilAB, Batavia, Illinois can explain everything about the Margaret Mead nuclear family…..atomic anthropology signals to the biophysics world.

Search Results
Questions About Physics
Inquiring Minds Cached – Similar Aug 28, 2002 – Physics Questions People Ask Fermilab. Over the years, people have sent questions to Fermilab on subjects from why the sky is blue to the …

Maybe, they could answer questions about the SCIENCE WARS. Better yet, ask them the secret language signal about their import from PERU, the atomic communications continuum, and the atomic retail store message.

Thus we have the supersymmetry physics theory and empirical DATA with the Margaret Mead nuclear family……atomic anthropology experiments in self-awareness:

Pier One bio-physics imported from PERU now at a Batavia address

– Pier 1 Imports 481 North Randall Road Batavia, IL 60510-9298 (630) 761-8925

Directions – Is this accurate
. . . . . . . . . –> General Background and Review of CONCEPTS

COMPUTER EARTH, BAL = Basic Assembler Language in the BALTIC geography Region. Bio-computer agents of NORWAY bio-computer social engineering experiments

Political System – Norway Jun 24, 2010
The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) has served as the … The Government is selected on behalf of the King from within the Storting. … Form of Government – … all citizens are able to participate in the Storting (Norwegian national assembly ), county and municipal councils. Parliamentary in as much as the Government, … . . . . The Government – Norway /society/political/government The Government serves as the executive power. … proposals to the Storting …

The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) and the Government are … The Government serves as the executive power. … proposals to the Storting

Thus we have the Norway national assembly language program composed of human brain computers. Thus the Government is a symbolic bio-assembly language program LIFE FORM…a bio-computer LIFE FORM with executive powers….execute powers.

Execute powers are TESTED on copper wire computer systems and then used by citizen groups. These human bio-computer systems consider the Milky Way Universe as a TOY….something to play around with in amusement.

Hence, Universe TOY –> UTOYA.

Citizens could care less about cybernetics and the required deeper intellectual understanding needed for social engineering, feedback control systems, and atomic family process control systems. Hence, the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION ( EARTH LAB ) war signal about the European arrogant attitude and philosophy ERRORS.

Attitude: Milky Way Universe is a play TOY
Result ……….Way U…………………..TOY
Event Hor….Norway UTOYA
Event Horizon report for Hawking and Thorne . . . . . . . . . .

The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) and the Government are …
…….Storting implies stor –> storage and sorting data records

The Government serves as the executive power
The G = Gravity government executive power
The G = universal Gravitational Constant population LIMIT LAW
The G…un –> Grave invitational . .

The Storting (Norwegian national assembly) …
The Government serves as the executive power
The Government serves as the execute power. . .

The bio-computer BATCH JOB execution of Norwegian children S/370 Assembler Tutorial – Assembling, Linking, and Executing

This job assembles, link edits, and executes our S/370 Assembler program in batch under MVS. Throughout the tutorial … Both IEHPROGM and IEFBR14 program are standard utilities, . . . Batch processing and JES: Scenario 1 … a printed report. This program will run as a batch job on z/OS. … The first step identifies the COBOL compiler, as declared in //COBOL EXEC PGM=IGYCRCTL . …

Ask for the proper definition of an internal reader DD statement …it is able to execute a JCL in Cobol batch but … Get more discussion results . . . . . . –> Philosophy Review of Situation

Brain computer COBOL and assembler languages, while different can accomplish equivalent jobs. Thus we have a BATCH of people on UTOEYA with the physics Theory of Everything and the universities denial of the existence of Einstein’s DATA FIELD theory.

Now Norway and Virginia TECH have Einstein’s DATA FIELD war casualties in the Base 16 hexadecimal Earth government intellectual WAR…… with COMPUTER EARTH geography computer address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in EAST COAST geography LAND (Local Area Network Data) with John Hopkins BAL = Baltimore computer Science and Washington, DC …DC = Define Constant.

Ask EAST Coast Universities in the USA for an ELITE superior explanation of how the universe works, how EARTH LAB bio-computer social engineering works, and about their failure to provide intellectual resources to help explain the CAD = Computer Aided Design of SCIENCE WAR student CAD.avers.

Thus Base 16 hexadecimal AN = Alpha/Numeric AN.ders Behring Breivik is just a bio-computer agent who brain was programmed by the BAL = ver.BAL word commands broadcast VIA atomic mass communications media as radio and television.
The Government serves as the execute power. … proposals ……are then distributed amongst the general population for implementation.

The ancient Roman empire was biological computer society; with JCL = Job Control Language symbolized by a human agent with proper noun identifier JCL: Julius Caesar Latin. Thus we have no new concepts in Europe and their modern SECRET brain computer manipulation schemes…which have no intention of having accurate instructions for the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer. . . . . . . . –> Announcements by others In year 1843 Nathaniel Hawthorne accurately described the SECRET citizen GROUP schemes in the Celestail Railroad …see the blog excerpt below:

Nathaniel Hawthorne and the astrophysics secret CELESTIAL RAILROAD 03/28/11 17:19 , Categories: Uncategorized RD-blog-323

CALTECH and the University of Cambridge

Not a great while ago, passing through the gate of dreams, I visited that REGION of the earth in which lies the famous City of Destruction. It interested me much to learn that by the public spirit of some of the inhabitants a railroad has recently been established between this populous and flourishing town and the Celestial City. Having a little time upon my hands, I resolved to gratify a liberal curiosity by making a trip thither. Accordingly, one fine morning after paying my bill at the hotel, and directing the porter to stow my luggage behind a coach, I took my seat in the vehicle and set This,” remarked Mr. Smooth-it-away, “is the famous Slough of Despond–a disgrace to all the neighborhood; and the greater that it might so easily be converted into firm ground.”

“I have understood,” said I, “that efforts have been made for that purpose from time immemorial. Bunyan mentions that above twenty thousand cartloads of wholesome ……
INSTRUCTIONS ….had been thrown in here without effect.” …… INSTRUCTIONS ……
INSTRUCTIONS . . . . . –> Year 2011…modern social science INSTRUCTIONS.

Thus year 1843 and
NOW…….. NORWAY instructions
….. ………………….WAY … social vectors Mr. Smooth-it-aWAY

The broadcast of nonsense dribble INSTRUCTIONS on TV and radio is authorized by citizen INSTRUCTIONS to their governments. . . . . . The Norwegian National Assembly and their assembly bio-computer programs and the parallel equivalent COBOL bio-computer language program are covcered here. References are to COBOL language symbols ..since COBOL concepts are easier to outline for readers.

Details can be found in appropriate technical manuals or some college computer textbooks. You and your friends can form a SCIENCE WAR research group ……. 10 or more people over age 20..who are curious. Then check with your helpful neighborhood bookstore…..they can order the books for a research group…thereby spreading the expense of college level science textbooks amongst the researchers. Be proud of your symbolic brain, show that you can hold your own, become an intellectual warrior in the SCIENCE WARS. . . . .

–> Europe and their Brain Computer Science WARS Brain BAL mutation = Basick Assemblur Lag.guage

– Computer Earth system 370
– BAL region of the Baltic Sea intellectual war zone
– OS/JCL ….OSLO JOB Control Language for civilian behavior and thoughts . . . . .

–>IMS database = Information Management System for biological structures

Information Management System – Wikipedia, the free …

Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive transaction processing …

History –
Database –
Transaction Manager –
Application IMS Manuals – IMS V9 Appl. Programming: CICS and IMS . .

Darwinian software –> Information Management System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database to Information M-theory System (IMS) is a joint hierarchical database and information management system with extensive COMPUTER EARTH transaction processing …and the atomic HUMAN Hierarchy Problem missing LINK. . . . . . . –> Database

The IMS Database component stores data using a hierarchical model, which is quite different from relational database, DB2. (DB2 gets its name because IMS, which was created first, was DB1.) In IMS, the hierarchical model is implemented using blocks of data known as segments. Each segment can contain several pieces of data, which are called fields.

For example, a customer database may have a root segment / parent segment … (or the segment at the top of the hierarchy) with fields such as phone, name, and age.

Child segments may be added underneath another segment, for instance, one order segment under each customer segment representing each order a customer has placed with a company. Likewise, each order segment may have many children segments for each item on the order.

Unlike other databases, you do not need to define all of the data in a segment to IMS. A segment may be defined with a size of 40 bytes but only define one field that is six bytes long as a key field that you can use to find the segment when performing queries. IMS will retrieve and save all 40 bytes as directed by a program but may not understand (or care) what the other bytes represent. In practice, often all data in a segment may map to a COBOL copybook.

Besides DL/I query usage, a field may be defined in IMS so that the data can be hidden.

. . . . –> IMS parent and child record structure of the human MODERN FAMILY. Ther bio-computer FAMILY’s experiemntal children take a DATA BUS (school bus) to elementary school for elemnatry physics atomic brain experiments in atomic symbols and symbolisc life.

IMS/DB Introduction and Structure [PDF] Ims Structure IMS Control Block /04_Chapter01_ IMS is IBM’s Information Management System, which provides a hierarchical ….. records. Parent A segment which has a dependent segment e.g. Child

Hierarchical Database Model Hierarchical_Database_Model (IMS) Product. … In the IMS, the Parent Data Records store on Disk area and the Child Data Records store …

A hierarchical database such as IMS supports many complex tree structures ( Figure 5.1) … Each segment (or record) is defined as a distinct type. …
In our example, one district may have Root Parent Child Child Child Figure 5.1 …

. . . IMS/DB Introduction and Structure

IMS features IMS data bases are organized in a hierarchical structure. Each record is made up of several segments. The segments can be duplicated and are related to others by a parent-child relationship.

Segments are arranged in a hierarchical order.

Database Structuring Rules IMS is flexible in the ways it will allow us to organise our information; the structuring characteristics are: 1. no limit to the number of database records 2. each record may contain any number of segments within 3. there may be up to 255 different segment types 4. there is one root segment per database record 5. there may be any number of dependent segments per parent 6. a database record may have up to 15 hierarchical levels

NOTE: Hence the Virginia TECH atomic database HIERARCHY PROBLEM with Argonne, FermiLAB, OS + Office of Science on April 16 (Base 16 HEX Signal)

Application Control Blocks
The DBD and PSB information needs to be merged (into control blocks) before a program access a database. This process will take some time; this is not a problem for batch programs, but is an unwanted overhead for online execution. In order to avoid this online overhead, the DBA will construct an ACBGEN. This builds a number of Application Control Blocks which must then be linked into the load library before the IMS program can be run.

Database A collection of database records.

Parent A segment which has a dependent segment e.g. Child.

Child A segment which is dependent on another segment e.g. Parent

Parentage Position
An established position at a specified segment which is treated as a parent (even though it might be at a higher level).

–> IMS V10 – Release planning – Hardware requirements Copper wire computer -When the physical link is channel-to-channel (CTC) and is dedicated to IMS …

Earth governemnt computer -when the physical link is geography English channel-to ……… . . . . –>IMS database command CALLS

DL/1 calls The DL/I calls for database management are:

DEQ Dequeue
DLET Delete
FLD Field
GHN Get Hold Next
GHNP Get Hold Next in Parent
GHU Get Hold Unique
GN Get Next
GNP Get Next in Parent
GU Get Unique I
SRT Insert
POS Position
REPL Replace . . .

–> Given the above commands…the commands help explain the European intellectual comedy experiments and the NORWAY bio-computer social system.

GN Get Next becomes
GN Government Norway

GNP Get Norwegian Policeman ……
Anders was dressed up a a policemen with a COMPUTER EARTH computer ad.DRESS DRESS code with a police uniform (police = pol + ice = North Pole magnetic data field and the Artic Ice/snow with Alfred NORTH Whitehead and C.P.SNOW …versus the SNOW JOB of European newspapers and their human ….. puppet string theory physics experiments).

GU Get Unique becomes
GU Get Unique Norway….. becomes
……G + U       +  N   =  GUN
–> The Delete command to Delete CHILD bio-data records.
A GET HOLD record command is a needed first, then the DELETE command can be issued to delete the CHILD segment repords.

Logically delete (flagged as deleted but physical child record continues existence)


Physically delete the CHILD database record

When a record is deleted from the child relation of an IMS instance, the affected instance is again notified both before and after the record is physically deleted.

The physical database record is a basic building block in IMS. A physical … The EMPLOYEE segment, in turn, has two child segments, DEPENDNT and SKILL. … Caution must be used in specifying and using the delete (D) option in IMS. …

BMC Communities: IMS Structures and Functions Mar 24, 2010 – When you create an IMS database, you tell IMS what the physical structure ….. VSAM does not physically delete the record or reclaim the unused space. ….. The example assumes physical child first pointers and twin forward … [PDF] IMS for New Users Logical Share

PROCSEQ = in the PCB tells IMS to use the secondary index for access …
Duplicate Data is 1 to 5 fields from the source segment.
User Data is anything …
Not allowed when target is PHDAM or PHIDAM. 7. Delete. Byte. 1. Pointer. 4. Constant …. Physical Child and Physical Twin or Hierarchic Forward pointers link PP to LC … . . . . .

–> After the Utoeya IMS physical deletion of biological data records the COMPUTER EARTH REPORT status of university administrators and their fun,happy school campus of elite powers and superior knowledge OVER Nature’s stupid intellect ……..gives report –>

IMS messages – DFS messages, DFS0851 – DFS0900 –

CAUTION-NO LOGICAL CHILD RECORD FOUND FOR THE LOGICAL PARENT RECORD (followed by one or more lines containing input records).

Thus we have CLUES about social engineering puzzle about Nature.

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com

Computer Earth system 370 biochemistry WAR with alien subroutines used by business, cities, universities, and other groups. What is your bio-computer death code?


Bio-computer societies have existed for thousands of years. The human brain is a computer.

It exists in 2 capacities:
a) a biological molecular processor
b) with the invention of symbols, and then with invention of the Gutenburg printing press in year 1453 ….. the brain has evolved into a symbolic processor.
Thus we have a few people that have a functioning Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer. The bio-computer exists with various levels …depending upon an individuals effort to evolve VIA learning algebra, physics, engineering, chemistry, etc. ……the serious subjects.

picture - system 370

Thus we see, how the Roman Empire came into existence. Individuals had their own brain computer used for daily activities such as work, going to the food market, cooking dinner, going to the theater to watch a Roman play,etc. Then within each Roman skull ..Nature partitioned the brain processor and its cell processing address space into MFT (Multiple Fixed Tasks)….which is different task processing regions. This system continues to this day. A modern study of Madison, Wisconsin shows the city residents have a big problem in their ancient MFT brain configurations …caused by their destructive manipulation plans.

We see the ancient Roman brain and the various MFT = Multiple Fixed Tasks …such as:

– consciousness
– sub-processors like subconscious, subliminal
– intuition
– some people had mental telepathy
– group mentality
– States of Mind
– Carl Jung collective unconsciousness
– Maslow’s Hierarchy Problem of physics needs – etc

Thus one of these brain processing regions …..was used by Nature to create the Roman Empire. This was a group mentality ……… and Nature’s computer was comprised of the sum of all of the people bio-computers (using part of their brain for doing EMPIRE calculations and EMPIRE concept analysis). Using Latin language, body languages, music languages, pottery style languages, clothing/robes textile colors/fabric languages and other hidden languages …… Nature’s social engineering MAIN PROGRAM was able to figure out how to build an empire …and then sent its thought data output to people like Julius Caesar Latin  = JCL –> Job Gontrol Language.

Thus Caesar recieved insight … . which he enhanced and clarified …. a task in in itself. The data stream of information ….. between the collective of bio-computers ……enabled Nature’s thought process to improve. Thus we see an interplay between Nature’s intellect and human intiative and human repect for good ideas. Thus the Roman Empire …and other ancient civilizations ….. were using modern terminology to describe them ……they were bio-computer symbolic processing civilizations.

Thus people like KINGS and Emperors ….. were like the MAIN PROGRAM representatives ……
and then various bio-computer subroutines (with a group of people brain computers) …did special tasks.
For example, the Roman Empire had the highway building subroutines with the associated speciality human bio-computers ….. whose task was highways and bridges. . . . . . . .

Modern society is a bio-computer system. Nothing has changed since ancient times. Take some of our recent bio-computer presidents:

President of Base 16 HEX’Fo” = 240 (FORD)

President BUSH explains Bush,SR –> …….data BUS Hex ……SR = System Region

President CLI (ClINTON) = Compare Logical Immediate Instruction in the BAL geography region BAL = Basic Assembler Language for humans in the City of BAL = BALTIMORE.

President BUSH explains Bush,JR –> ……..data BUS Hex ……JR = JOB Region . .
Thus we ask …what types of bio-computer DATA BUS types exist?

Data BUS –> leadership format like President Bush family
Data Bus –> business corporations and their human bio-computers
Data Bus –> school bus with data processing TEST specimens
…… such as the IMS biology database child records …….

The biology child records were deleted at the UTOEYA bio-computer test site using the OS/JCL of OSLO, Norway …a representative for European ” DEATH bio-computer technology”. In year 1914, Norway, Britain and other countries tested the CONPUTER EARTH system 370 PGM = IEFBR14, Disposition = (Delete, Delete, Delete Germany and other countries).

Did Norway enjoy the Nor series of experiemnts:

Norberg…..Milwaukee policeman shot Northern Illinois University shooting

Very funny ..these European professors …….that in year 2011 and 2012… Norway, Britian, Belgian continue the BIG LIE and phony university history FRONTS. The university, government, and newspaper song-and-dance …with fanstastic, BS explanations about historical events ….. and more amazing, incorrect explanations of modern tragedy. . . .

Data Bus –> city BUS routes …..are data communication routes etc. . . . . . . .

Here, we will look at subroutine drivers …of the bio-computer system of the United States. Specifically, we will look at BUS Drivers ….. who are trained well and are careful. Thus ….. a city BUS driver …..when an accident occurs …the accident is symbolic of the community…..that the community BRAIN has serious problem…..and the accident is just a mirror from Nature. Supersymmetry physics and parallel procesisng theory of EVENTS provide the background theory …used for analysis.

Let’s look at an example.
What are the possible hidden secondary signals?
What possible messages is Nature trying to send?

picture - madison 1

picture - madison 22

==> Woman Struck By Madison Bus Dies – Madison News Story – WISC …Jun 23, 2011 – A woman has died after being struck by a Madison Metro bus on … “I think sometimes there are very tragic accidents, and this might be one of those.” … “I can just tell you that she (the driver) is being interviewed by police and …

SIGNALS ignored: – The Madison bio-computer data bus is DEAD …..because the human bio-computers that provide the data …they are brain dead….talk nonsense/think nonsnense/bragg and BS. The movie from around 1977 …has come true…..Madison is like ” The Dawn of the LIving Dead”. The city and the university have no intellectuals that try to understand the world gestalt.

– Metro bus ….. subset letters are
………rob –> microbiology data bus at the university and the medical industry has major communications problems ….violations of the Hans Zinsser subliminal mind treatries of year 1940 …treaties that are enforeced by MOTHER NATURE ….. who does not like BULL-stories and distortion of facts.

– June 23 –> 23 chromosome pairs messages about the modern social chromosome schemes used by marketing and advertising of BRAND NAMES ….DNA secret social DNA commands to the eye/optical nerve VIA television broadcasts. This manuplation schemes are approved by university genetics departments in conspiracry with marketing …..and their attempt to mar/damage human genes to create more data bus –> business for the health care industry. . . . . . . .

Thus the June 23 chromosome  and the 23 chromosome student hostages of Marinette High School, Wisconsin  with BOY SCOUT messenger Sam Hengel.

Thus we have the June 23  Madison   23 chromosome  WAR signal
Killed By Bus Jun 23, 2011 – more accurately stated is

Killed by communication data bus of 23 chromosome LINK to code 2011 = 20 standard amino acids war with  eleven –> SKU11 ……

Investigation Continues After Woman Struck,
Killed By Bus Jun 23, 2011 – … being struck by a Metro bus on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. … On Thursday, Metro identified the bus driver involved as Debra Foster. … There were six crashes there last year, with most happening in the …

SIGNALS ignored:
– Killed by BUS ….did the University of Wisconsin ..or a company or a state agency… Computer Science department code a bio-computer brain subroutine …..the KILLER subroutine and release into the general Madison population. Computer scientist and others like to experiment and amuse themselves …..part of the university philosophy ….. everything is fun and games.

Thus we have a big TEN university + six crashes ==> Ten + six = Base 16 Hexadecimal.
Thus Nature is stating that the University or some other institution in Madison ..is very familiar with the Base 16 HEX murders of April 16, 2007 at Virginia TECH  bio-computer CAD error.
That is why UW, Madison or UW. Milwaukee will not help researchers try to figure out the Virginia TECH SCIENCE WARS shooting.
Modern CAD = Computer Aided design of human CAD= CADAVERS. . . . . . . .

The Badger Herald:
Woman killed after being struck by Metro bus badgerherald.com/newsJun 22, 2011 – The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s premier independent student newspaper … Pedestrian died at local hospital following accident at University and … “It is an ongoing investigation, so the bus driver, as a precautionary … . . . . . . .

Wisconsin State Journal Madison’s highest paid city government employee last year wasn’t the mayor.
It wasn’t the police chief.
It wasn’t even the head of Metro Transit.

It was bus driver John E. Nelson.

Nelson earned $159,258 in 2009, including $109,892 in overtime and other pay.

He and his colleague, driver Greg Tatman, who earned $125,598, were among the city’s top 20 earners for 2009, city records show.

They’re among the seven bus drivers who made more than $100,000 last year thanks to a union contract that lets the most senior drivers who have the highest base salaries get first crack at overtime. . . . Existence SIGNALS ignored the party citizens of Madison.

– earlier ….we mentioned microbiology and genetics. Hence we have a general group: microbiology genetics molecular cell biology bichemistry

Above…we see words: bus driver Nelson ….. and this is message regarding the information data bus with Nelson.

bus driver Nelson ….. gives driver Nelson …..gives dr Nelson …..–>

picture - madison 2

Above words: He and his colleague, driver
–> this is biochemistry drivers Nelson and his colleague Cox –> Code ox = oxygen (weight 16) atomic computer base 16 hex with the bio-physics LU =Logical Unit = LUNG processor of Nature’s agent Cox. . . . .

Above words:
– They’re among the seven bus drivers –> 7 Nitrogen 14 ….. used in the 4 DNA Nitrogeous bases of social biochemistry.

atomic elements

What are the 4 nitrogen bases and their The four nitrogen bases are Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine. Their job is composing a code for DNA to shape the physical characteristics of most …

Nucleic acid sequence – Wikipedia, The possible letters are A, C, G, and T, representing the four nucleotide bases of a DNA strand — adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine — covalently linked to a …

picture  - base 2


. . . – more than $100,000 implies binary code S =System –> 1 0 0 0 0 0..

implies some type of nitrogen atomic/molecular computer …base 7 …whereas oxygen is base 16 . .

. – drivers who have the highest base .

Thus we see the secret DNA bio-computer manipulation system of the city of Madison ….. and  UW refuses to help clarify this experiment.

What is the nitrogen bases Biology
What are 4 nitrogen bases of DNA?
The four nitrogen bases of DNA: Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine.
What is one of the nitrogen bases in DNA?

Base pair – Wikipedia
In the canonical Watson-Crick DNA base pairing, adenine (A) forms a base pair … Hence, the number of total base pairs is equal to the number of nucleotides in … and stability; 2 Base stacking; 3 Base analogs and intercalators; 4 Examples …

picture - dna nitogeous bases 1

. . . . . .

picture - madison 8

==> Another acccident puzzle.

. Jane Hwang, James Madison University Student, Killed In Bus … www.wusa9.com/…/Jane-Hwang-James-Madison-University-Student-…Cached

Nov 16, 2011 – Jane Hwang, James Madison University Student, Killed In Bus Crash … According to Virginia State Police, the bus driver is a 56-year-old …JMU Student Hit and Killed by Bus Identified

Nov 18, 2011 – Virginia State Police confirm Jane Hwang, 18, was the James Madison University freshman that … The bus driver is not facing any charged.

– What is a computer science data bus?
– What is a driver subroutine?

– Chemistry/signal equation signal:
Hwang 18.
H + wa + ang + 18 …….please explain?

what molecule involves H. wa, molecular weight 18.
what is eye optical wavelength …..ang –> expand word.

what has atomic mass 55.85 rounded to 56

– driver is a 56 ……. molecular cell biology DRIVER that uses atom 56

Please explain the Heme group.

Do the arm muscles of myoglobin protein use atom 56.

Is atom FER –> used at FermiLAB in human bio-physics studies of subliminal mind thoughts.

driver is 56 …. why is mathematical logic a driver of society and university life? What book was written in year 1910 with symbolic brain military 56 …which led to the Hungary uprising in Europe in year 1956. What is the title of the Russell /Whithead book?

Does the symbolic son of Bertrand Russell –> Peter Russell write about math genes in his genetic book? What is a y-algebra chromosome…..and how does it relate to Y2K ….2K data stream of consciouness used by output year 2000 brain computer.

Oh, did you forget to upgrade your brain for the atomic brain QUANTUM TIME boundary year 2000. Sorry, Darwinian evoloution considers your brain as lacking the desire, the determination to continue on its abstract, symbolic mission. Be careful. The survival of fitnesss ….. involves an alert symbolic brain processor with algebra and the atomic periodic table defense concepts. . . .

picture - madison 9

– Jane Hwang –> undercover agent killed in astrophysics accident.

Her message identified as….. Jane Hwang –> Jane H –> Jane Hawking of year 1970. …Universe astrophysics on EARTH. …see University of Cambridge, England for war details

Jane Hwang –> Janes fighting ship’s…book signal

picture - madison 23

picture - madison 11

Hwang –> H wa ng –> Hex war norwegian government . . . . div>

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WUSA) – Police have identified the pedestrian killed in a fatal bus crash on the James Madison University campus.

Jane Hwang, an 18-year-old first-year student from Fairfax, Va. was walking around 10 p.m. Tuesday night when she was hit by a city of Harrisonburg bus at the . . .

– Above signal analysis.
We see the parallel processing/superysmmetry physics EVENT of Virginina TECH shooting of Base 16 HEX/bio-computer curse of April 16,2007.

For Jane Hwang …… bio-computer WAR casualty …..

killed in a fatal bus crash …math translation ..

Base 16 HEX’Fa” = 250 …..data bus crash/abend. . . . . –intersection of Carrier Drive and Bluestone Drive, Virginia State Police say..

Bluestone –> IBM BIG BLUE messages waiting …why ignored?
Carrier –> see the year 1982/1983 application Carrier subsystem …running on an IBM 8100 DPCX system with SNA VTAM LINK to the HOST computer at Chicago BC/BS = BC (social economic Bio-Chemistry) at Blue Cross/Blue Shield at 200 N. Michigan Avenue …5th floor hardware …6th floor applications sofware….. computer programmer agent BC …..agent code Illiad to Illinois, Homer Glenn.
Homer, ancient BC time of Bio-Chemsitry SRC instruction origins. The IBM 8100 NIXON ==> N x N square matrix computer 90 x 90 = 8100. . . . . .

madison - computer 12

Above ABC = Atomic Bio-Chemistry report of 7 Nitrogen ..and the DNA nitrogenous bases WAR casualty. For more information on the state of Virginia and its citizen biochemistry cover-up LIES …go to Virginia TECH university and study English and biochemistry …..to learn how to LIE about the

Virginia TECH shooting and the Fort Hood shooting and the Cole Hall shooting and the Columbine High School shooting and the UTOEYA Norway shooting and the BIG LIE battle with the Liege, Belgium shooting.

-State Police say a female student was walking when she was struck by a city of Harrisonburg transportation bus at 9:52 p.m. Tuesday. The student died at the scene.

Translate: Bus data 9 –> 8 data bits + 1 parity bit

Tuesdsay –> solar system TIME Computer = Tuesday = T + u + esda = Time unit Vsam entry sequence data

She was identified as Jane Hwang, a graduate of W.T. Woodson High in Fairfax.

Translate: She was identified as the supersymmetry physics parallel to
Jane H. ….. former wife of agent Stephen Hawking (alias the HAWK)
. . . -State Police Sgt. Frank Ingham says the bus was going through a green light and making a left turn when the accident occurred. Hwang was wearing dark-colored clothing.

Frank –> Bio-computer agnet Base 16 HEX’F’ = 15 rank and file (data file)

Hwang –> Hawking angstroms anger with Dark matter physics SIGNAL. . . . . . . . .

In Manhattan we have a major bio-computer convergence processing site in North America. The Port of Authority BUS Terminal …… fits right into the Computer Earth system 370 landscape.

Port –> human I/O port BUS –> data Bus terminal –> like a 3270 CRT computer terminal

Of course, nearby is Time’s Square 42nd Street. 42 –> Base 4 exponent 2 = Base 16 hexadecimal

Also, not to far away …is GRAND Central Station ….. part of Nature’s GRAND Unified Theory physics project with Central Nervous System 370 bio-computer LINK with Central Procesisng Unit 370 copper computer. . . . . .

Thus we see the hybrid systems FORMAT used by Nature. . .

C. P. Snow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Two Cultures: On 7 May 1959, Snow delivered an influential Rede Lecture called The Two Cultures, which provoked “widespread and … . . .

picture - skull yale 2

An Update on C. P. Snow’s “Two Cults”: Scientific American com/article.cfm?id…cp-snows-two-cultures coma SIGNAL from the sublimal minds of magazine reproters Aug 21, 2009 – A new column that examines the intersection between science and society provides an update on the historic essay.

picture - skull 6

Above–> the status of the modern classroom …and why the shootings have beenn ordered BY NATURE and its biochemistry military command …. that has sent tragic signals to humans …that ignore everything except Hollywood movies and television shows.
The 1976 CAM message from CAMbodia, Asia about the direction of Darwinian brain evolution at CAM astrophysics universe locations on EARTH LAB –> University of Cambridge and MIT, Harvard, and the astrophysics center in CAM.bridge , Mass.

Evolution of knowledge does not include the social science BUll-stories and the political science song-and-dance that these schools approve and endorse. Evolution of knowledge does not include religious people to intellectually lazy to study their atomic foundations and the Margaret Mead nuclear family …atomic anthropology ….the atomic/math nature of most human thought. . . . It is sad that universities and the publishing industry have joined a intellectual snob CULT. That is CULT # 1. They do not communicate over empirical data ….. data that is important to understanding the SIGNAL of some social science tragedies. . . . . . . .

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com

The 1990 Computer Earth system 370 quantum computer war of IRAQ / KuWAIT – – > IRQ Wait – – > Interrupt Request Quantum Wait …… IRQ war continues in Year 2012.


The Solar System has 9 planets…equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth……is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror….the copper wire computer systems. The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war….known as World War 2.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16. Year 16 16……the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein’s field theory is better described as Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory.

The battle at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007 was an example of an Einstein base 16 FIELD theory…….battle.FIELD. Looking at the world ….. we see Computer Earth and its Base 16 hexadecimal geography map.

Let’s consider EARTH in a quantum physics context. Does new event data exist ….. which will help explain quantum evolution …..and its ability to explain dimensions of human existence and human events. Such a quantum event …seems to be:

picture - norman 11

The Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Storm (January 17, 1991– February 28, 1991) commonly referred to as simply the Gulf War, was a war waged by a
U.N.-authorized coalition force from 34 nations led by the United States, against Iraq in response to Iraq’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait.

Let’s consider the Schrodinger CAT in a box.

Schrödinger’s cat –
Schrödinger’s cat –
Schrödinger’s cat -According to Schrödinger, the Copenhagen interpretation implies that the cat remains both alive and dead (to the universe outside the box) until the box is …

From New Scientist magazine.

picture - cat 1

. . . . Thus we look at the evolution of the Schrodinger cat in a box ….that is Schrodinger cat box …………that is
S……….         .cat. box………….that is
System 370 catalog computer box ……
S …… SYS1.Catalog with OS/JCL main frame 370 box

and take this concept ….use Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory and

we have Nature’s COMPUTER EARTH 370 main frame ….. and its interaction with human daily life and human institutions. . . . . .
What empirical data exists about the Schrodinger QUANTUM COMPUTER and its operation in the new quantum phase of society?

Nature’s data signals:

==> Quantico, Virginia
Quantico = Quan + ti + co = Quantum time code (a signal about the new phase of world/society) evolution

FBI –> Federal Bureau of Investigation …. Base 16 hexadecimal
HEX’ Fe’ = 254 –> the new phase of
……….FE.DERALISM evolution … and the human awareness test of their surroundings … as they live within the EARTH quantum computer.
The FBI test for Base 16 HEX …….. at . .

==> Virginia TECH with the April 16th shooting.
Virginia TECH quantum computer abbreviation is
VT …the prefix CLUE to VTOC …….
VTOC = Volumne Table of Contents ERROR
. . . . . . . . . . . . . The quantum military analysis …… of the Schrodinger CAT WARs …from 1990/1991 to 2012 the Persian sand box (geography region)–>

with the Schrodinger Persian CAT in the Persian sand box …. . . . Schrodinger war general Sch………war Sch + war = Schwarzkopf, ….Norman

Thus the Darwinian selection of Schwarzkopf …. using the Schrodinger qualifiers.

picture - norman 2

General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf born August 22, 1934), also known as “Stormin’ Norman” and “The Bear”, is a retired United States Army General who, while he served as Commander of U.S. Central Command, was commander of the Coalition Forces in the Gulf War of 1991.

Commander of U.S. Central Command,
Commander of U.S. Central Command,

U.S. Central Command –> Universal System 370 Central Processing Unit with OS/JCL


picture - system 370


Master Concole Commands

picture - norman

Pentagon computer military…. agent code… Schwarzkopf, JR –> Computer Earth JOB REGION

OS/360 and successors OS/370 – Wikipedia
System/370 and virtual memory operating systems … only one job at a time, in 1966; MFT (Multiprogramming with Fixed number of Tasks) for the … not used by the operating system as a single pool from which contiguous “regions” could be …

MVS – Wikipedia
MVS’s core remains fundamentally the same operating system. … 1 Evolution of MVS; 2 MVS filesystem; 3 History and modernity; 4 MVS/370 … Instead of using fixed-size memory partitions, MVT allocated memory to regions for job steps as

The fixed partition scheme works well if all of the jobs run on the system are of the …… to finish work on a critical region of the program before other processes have … was introduced by IBM for its multiprocessing System 360/370 computers. . . The Computer Earth system 370 WAR region …JOB Region

picture - norman 3

. . . . Below…the Schrodinger sand box war 1990/1991


picture - norman 5

Schrodinger’s cat in the box experiment –
Quantum-Theories www.quantum-theories.com
If a partition is introduced into the middle of the box that divides it into two … saw it – of quantum theory, Schrodinger devised the cat-in-a-box thought experiment. . .

Thus we have the Earth geography surface ….sand box …and a partition in introduced into the middle ..this becoming the IRAQ and KuWait region ….. the 2 countries symbolized the partition into 2 parts. . . .

. [PDF] Advanced function extended with tightly-coupled multiprocessing by RA MacKinnon –
…….  partitioned CPU. Loosely-coupled multiprocessing is available on any System/ 370 ... processor because all work (job streams and systems output) enters and leaves through this … persed among the application regions and spool data set; the cata- ….. be addressed and partitioned, as illustrated

OS/VS1, was an IBM mainframe computer operating system designed to be run on IBM System/370 hardware. … system partitions via the batch job management system Job Entry Subsystem 1 (JES1).

Computer History: IBM 360/370/3090/390 http://www.beagle- Introduction; Generations of IBM360->370->390;
Operating Systems …. divide the memory into a set of partitions, and each partition could run one job at a time. . . . . . .

Thus we see the Schrodinger quantum computer ….. the Schrdoinger CAT –> SYS1.CATALOG with the EARTH main frame 370 box/plan of the planet of the Solar System processing region of 9 planets = 8 data planets + 1 error correction planet.

Thus what signals exist in the EARTH WAR region ….. …what computer WAR signals …… . . . .

IRAQ subset letters –> IRQ instruction Interrupt And IRQ
library.thinkquest.org/16101/irq-vga.html An IRQ (interrupt request) value often needs to be specified to your computer … they start down the list of computer instructions in one program (perhaps an …

IRQs – General Information and Essential Troubleshooting Most devices in a computer, such as hard drives, video cards and … this specific resource, see below for instructions to resolve this IRQ conflict.. . . . Application translation …. we see the IRQ –> Interrupt Request Quantum systems

Essential Troubleshooting –> Pentagon quantum soldiers shooting in Iraq war zone in year 1990 and then year 2003 thru 2012

instructions to resolve this IRQ conflict –> thus the IRQ conflict –> Interrupt Request Quantico, Virginia conlict gets played out in the IRQ region IRAQ with the Schrodinger cat sand box …..while ARMY soldiers (dead/alive)fight. . . . . . . . . KuWAIT subset letters –> WAIT instruction

Branch Instructions: WAIT (Wait)

This instruction is valid in the short format only. When a wait instruction is executed, the CPU stops in a wait condition and can be restarted manually or by an … . . . . Which architectures support the WFI instruction?ARMv5 (for example the ARM926EJ-S) does not include the WFI instruction. However, most ARMv5 processors implement a “wait for interrupt” mode that is …

–> thus we have the Pentagon bio-computer soldiers ….ARMY processors implement the WAIT in the geography country of ku.WAIT.. . . . The Intel 8086 / 8088/ 80186 / 80286 / 80386 / 80486 Instruction Setzsmith.co/intel/intel.html All timings are for best case and do not take into account wait states, instruction alignment, the state of the prefetch queue, DMA refresh cycles, cache hits/misses …

–> the geography country known as kuWAIT …has a federal government/ or monarchy/or a governmental organization that handles the affirs of the STATE

–> thus we have Computer EARTH …wait state –> as represented by the kuWAIT state of foreign affairs. . . . .

Countries and governments around the world do NOT acknowledge these possiblities of life …of quantum probability theory and its expressions.

Thus we see some data CLUES about reality of the QUANTUM Theater of WAR with the Schrodinger cat in a sand box ….. a Persian cat in a sand box.

The Per = Persian cat –> PER = Program Event Recording with SYS1.Catalog.

The other known Per = Peru cat …. PER = Program Event Recording with the oxygen atomic computer(weight 16) …. the base 16 Hexadecimal bio-physics test specimen at FermiLAB with EARTH LAB identifier label: Pier Oddone.

Nature designed his atomic brain Central Nervous System 370 computer … abstract brain symbolic processor to operate at thermodynamics tempertare 37.0 Celsius …..to align his processing instructions with the physics number 1/137 …… then he becomes elgible to play European roulette with 18 black, 18 read, and one O –> mirror –> O one …..is the project done??

The ODDONE Margaret Mead atomic anthropology project with the Nature’s subliminaL mind connection …..Peru (Oddone) and Indonesia.
Maybe, he is part of some supersymmetry project.
Something for future RD. . . .
An interesting puzzle. How does the real human WORLD work? . . .

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com

Australia defeated by Africa and Bali, Indonesia in Computer Earth system 370 WAR. The Australian Base 16 hexadecimal LU = Logical Unit = LUNG battle of VSAM CI = CI.garettes.


The Solar System has 9 planets…equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth……is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror….the copper wire computer systems. The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16. Year 16 16……the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein’s field theory is better described as Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory. Let’s look at the world ….. in in particular Angola, Africa and Darwin, Australia …. both geography regions below the horizonthal latitude line known as the Equator. The Computer Earth geography assembler language has the EQUATOR instruction ….which in Einsteins data processing DATA FIELD theory of land ….. has a parallel in the copper wire computer. Thus the parallel to the Computer Earth mainframe is the IBM Mainframe with Assembler ….. For instance, the code below assumes that 0 through 15 have been equated to R0 through R15, whereas … The symbols can be set up by the EQU – equates instruction. … It focuses on fundamentals of IBM assembler-level programming and syntax. … Basic Assembler-Level program logic and coding. • Register … Use of EQUATEs Assembler Call, Load and Link The assembler programs are written in IBM Mainframe Assembler, it will … Constants and EQUates * DS 0F + Force alignment * SAVEAREA EQU * DC F(0) DC The above is important for the military AIR FORCE … to have their lung/brain oxygen thoughts in alignment for clear thinking. Also, we have the Base 16 …1600 Pennsylvania Avenue computer earth identifier in Washington, DC. For course, denial of the DEEPER LEVELS of reality is common. It does take some time and intellectual effort to understand this philosophical VIEW of life on COMPUTER EARTH. It took me about ten years to figure out. You have here .. some suggested CLUES to a puzzle. Picture - world mapCapture

The Earth Lab geography surface coordinates are: Angola Luanda is the … Latitude: 8° 50′, South. Longitude: 13° 20′, East … Luau, Angola, Africa. … Latitude. -10.7°, Longitude. 22.2333333°. Where is Luau? … Lobito, Angola is located at -12.3481 [latitude in decimal degrees], 13.5456 [ longitude in decimal degrees] at an elevation/altitude of meters. … . . . Thus we see the information sequence convergence –> Luanda, Latitude: 8° 50′, South. Longitude: 13° 20′ Luau…Latitude. -10.7°, Longitude. 22.2333333° Lobito, Latitude -12.3481 Luena, Angola about the same . . . The latitude convergence signifies the evolution of Latitude Bandwidth to the appropriate living EARTH cell SRP (Signal Recognition Particle/city) of Darwin, Australia …. representing Nature’s   intellectual evolution of EARTH geography life. Geography … Latitude/Longitude (Absolute Locations) … Darwin: 12º 38′ S, 130º 88′ E … . . . . . . . Base 16 Hex’A’ = 10 = Africa continent country of Angola . map - angola

Base 16 Hex’A’ = 10 = Angola country with the Earth computer I/O PORT because it was a PORT.ugal colony. Looking at Lobito = Lo + bit + o suggests Computer Earth ….. Load Library bit 0 thru …. This is because LAND at …. such and such location –> Land at = Lan data = Local Area Network Data . Thus Computer Earth I/O Port LU = Logical Unit with Lu = Luanda … PORT city on the Atlantic Ocean Lu = Luremo Lu = Lubango Lu = Luau –> Logical Unit au = australian continent Lu = Lungue –> LU = LUNG australian .. mouth gases war Lu = Luena –> Logical unit ena = enable . . IBM Angola – Country/region IBM Boosts Africa Expansion With New Angola Office Sep 19, 2011 – IBM Press Room – IBM has announced the opening of a new branch office in Luanda, as part of the company’s continued geographic … Africa: Angola is IBM’s Latest Expansion Target « A Smarter Planet Sep 19, 2011 – After three decades of civil war, Angola has emerged in the past half-decade as one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. It has an abundance … . . . . . . . . Then we look at the Australian bio-computer science LU = Logical Unit = LUNG problems of atomic bio-physics humans that have elaborate commnucations blabber systems and Hollywood style explanations of reality. Hence, from year 1984 thru year 2011 we have the BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology INTELLECTUAL WARS …. as forwarned by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Australian universities and their secret Carl Jung collective unconsciousness societies have been defeated in the nicotine / acetycholine …. long-range brain neurotransmitter war. Universities ought learn how to communicate at the diplomatic, civilized intellectual conscious level of thought …. about the SCIENCE WARS. Thus we see big MOUTH and the attached LUNG blaming cigarettes for LUNG cancer …. when perhaps, its the symbolic English language disease of arrogant MOUTH/EAR Australian citizens who fail to do their homework …. instead relying on distorted and biased explanations …….. to see which bragging group can manipulate society with BS = Bull-Stories. The study of atomic English language of the 26 proton English alphabet of the Ferrous oxide atom used by iron Hemoglobin proteins …. is the 1st step to clear thinking about social engineering problems that cause LUNG cancer and other illness. Political     in.FLU.ence          is a major factor in creating colds/ FLU / fever / and other nasal illness ….. caused by the human BS LUNG gases that talk inaccurate words and sentences about base 16 oxygen social engineering policies. Atomic humans are to represent the atomic government and its political science projects … but do not. The Earth government and Nature’s intellect are not interested in the Australian LEG –> bedroom LEGislative LEG rackets and the university concept of brains –> BRA Ins –> Bra Insurance. Now this process is well-known … with Natheniel Hawthorne, Lewis Carroll, and others. The details of this will be covered in another blog title. Returning to the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 WAR for control of the Australian LAND = Local Area Network Data geography … we’ll look at a few clues about the REAL geography war. Picture - Australia map 1

What are the computer features of Australia? We have oxygen 16 atomic computer Base 16 LU = Logical Unit = LUNG …. which in Australian humans has zero logic; thereby, from Nature’s atomic bio-math VIEW … is a defective human LU = LUNG. Australian LUNG output dribble and nonsense data talk … just makes matters worse. The BIG EAR of EARTH does have quality control standards for English language conceptual explanations of events. policies, etc. Locations and their gestalt: Exmouth –> Hex Mouth; thus Lungue, Africa source code Lungue = Lung + gue = Lung + Tongue + Exmouth, Australia Thus we have an unusual communications pathway on Earth Indian Ocean = I/O = Input Output Darwin –> CHarles Darwin evolution of CH = organic chemistry symbols used by the LUNG cigarette project of the Solomon Islands … that is college textbook Organic Chemistry by T.W.Graham Solomons ….. which the Australian legislature and their graphic arts people on cigarette packaging ought study …but apparently they can’t be bothered to understand the deeper levels of existence on EARTH. Instead, we get some SONG and DANCE and Smoke Screens ..under the pretense that Australians and the Australian military really understand what’s happening. Tasmania –> T + asm –> Think assembler language Port Macquarie –> I/O computer port Mac –> Macro subroutines .  . . . . . In addition we have Computer Earth with Bali, Indonesia. picture - indonesia map

Thus we have Bali –> Basic(k) Assemblur Language interface …. such as the secrets of biology canni.BAL.ism subroutines …that are used by citizen computer programmers to attack the LU= Logical Unit = Lung systems of base 16 oxygen. Thus cancer is a canni.BAL process with BAL = Basick Assemblur Land Language ….. and universities will not cooperate in fixing the symbolic engine errors of the bio-computer symbolic processing device LU = Logical Unit = LUNG. The LU = Logical Unit Norwegian Government (LU + NG  = LUNG code) and Europe were sent a tragic message by Nature … to speak and clearly explain …. UTOEYA –> Unified Theory of Everything. The University of Oslo and the Norwegian govermment will not research this hypothesis … based on the empircal event data printed in newspapers. . . . . . . Near Indonesia is NEW Guinea …. setting the stage for the Austalian new guinea pig experiments … that is EARTH LAB with human guinea pigs and their experimental Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer. But the British have known about this since year 1865. Who Stole the Tarts? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Alice’s Who Stole the Tarts? … In the very middle of the court was a table, with a large dish of tarts upon it: they …. Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the … Thus the modern Alice …with Alice Springs, Australia. . . Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll: … of a story that after all remains frightening in its upside-down, inside-out logic. …. Please Ma’m, is this New Zealand? Or Australia? … but she could not even get her head through the doorway; “and even if my head would go … As Lewis Carroll’s Alice (Alice Springs) falls down, down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she wonders … heads downwards—perhaps New Zealand or Australia (Carroll 28). … an upside-down world of opposites that follows none of the rules that define the … It is surprising that the Australian military and think tanks have no interest in these intellectual questions and issues. Obviously, citizens, universites, and legislatures could care less ….. the restaurant menu provides their FOOD for THOUGHT. However, I always thought that the military mind was concerned with more serious matters ….. and did not have the general public song and dance mentality. But …its easy to be hynotized by modern television and radio … and fall into the belief that one is told everything by newspapers or social science professors. Perhaps, military men around the world will take a second look …. and look at the SCIENCE WAR event data …. and ask themselves…. how come no one has told us about this. The university, corporation, and citizen CODE OF SILENCE. The modern HONOR CODE also is to HONOR the brain computer system and at least try to give accurate descriptions of REALITY. Then given that accurate model of CAUSE and EFFECT ….. it becomes a option… a practical matter as to how much to deviate from the model …. or whether to just wait and do nothing …. until more explanatory data develops on the situation. Regardless …. of the situation … in theory one must have …. as much as possible … a reasonably accurate model. So, why does’t the Australian military try to comphrend the Base 16 hexadecimal LAND war.Even Robert Gates needs to look at his brain logic gates and ask about his relationship to Base 16 address 1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue. Then we have Texas A&M ????? Access Method …. to what dimension on EARTH LAB. Physics asks that question. Perhaps, the good gentleman Robert (atomic brain electron logic gates agent) Gates can provide some empirical data for theorists. But then, we are all test specimens in the context of EARTH LAB. Theorists with self-awareness can study their atomic-self and their relationship to Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropology. Picture - science magazine

But Mr.Gates …comparatively speaking is dwarfed by Nature’s vast human brain awareness experiments in Australia with project parameter list: Tasmania, New Guinea, Bali, Solomon Islands ….. with the key SIGNAL Darwin, Australia. In the past , Darwinian evolution was concerned with physical evolution, etc. …. as seen by Tasmania unusual physical species. Tasmania has many species which have become, or are on the verge of extinction on mainland Australia. The lack of introduced predators, such as the fox, and the relatively large amount of intact habitat on the island, make Tasmania a final refuge – a last chance – for many species. •Tasmanian devil •Eastern Quoll (native cat) •Spotted-Tailed Quoll •Platypus •Wombat •Short-beaked Echidna •Forester kangaroo •Bennetts wallaby •Tasmanian pademelon •Tasmanian Bettong •Ringtail possum •Sugar Glider •Brustail possum •Little Pygmy possum •Tasmanian Tiger On the other hand, in Austalia, Darwinian evolution has proceeded inside people’s brain …….with their thoughts or perhaps abstact, symbolic thoughts. Thus we have different brain species …. Music people .. music heads Food people with cooking flavors, etc. Textile/fashion colors and pattern people Math equation people Automotive mechanics Wave mechanics thinkers Quantum mechanics students . . Tasmanian devil –> transformation to the brain symbolic species … T + asm –> the subconcious mind of computer progammers is thinking in Tasmania devil mode . . Ringtail possum –> evolution to the brain species of possum –> possibility sum –> 1 = college math students in probability theory and statistics . Thus the FermLAB physics accelerator ring + possibility Pier ODD ONE = sum of one …labels him a possible bio-physics  humanoid symbol of a  …. Ringtail possum. The strangeness of Tasmiania physical formats has re-expressed itself in the strangness of Australian thought species. . . . . . Thus …the question becomes. ..how to all these brain formats and other things … affect or influence the needed accurate descriptions of world affairs … that are needed by military analysts. Around year 1600 William Shakespeare stated “The WORLD is a stage and we are the players” …. so what is the script and what group comprise the directors. . . . . . CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com

Norway and the Computer Earth BAL programmers of the BAL(tic) region. The European CAD = Computer Aided Design of Rwanda, AF(rica) human CAD(avers).


The Computer Earth system 370 war and the 400 year Galileo astronomy war on EARTH are well-documented events. Year 1600 is the bench mark year for base 16 hexadecimal projects. 2 major frames of reference are associated with Computer EARTH year 1600 project plan.

1st we have atomic English language expressor William Shakespeare.

2nd we have the Galileo brain atomic electron orbitals begin their quest for astronomy electron PLANET orbitals.
Thus the start of the supersymmetry physics projects of Nature. The Galileo EARTH defense project began in year 1616 …with the project plan to FORMAT Earth space /time into Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time. Hence the title ” Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth).”

Today this is known as EARTH LAB with Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory and its numerous applications.

Thus we have the modern world….COMPUTER EARTH system 370 OS/JCL ……and then entities like COMPUTER WORLD magazine that provides CLUES to the structure of NATURE and brain computers or oxygen Base 16 stomic computers…..such as those atomic computers uded by the HUMAN LU = Logical Unit = LUNG.

Search Results Computerworld – IT news, features, blogs, tech reviews, career advice www.computerworld.com ached – Similar

Computerworld covers a wide range of technology topics, including software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers and data centers, and …

Thus covered…..the wide range of technology topics …such as:

– the Base 16 HEX date of April 16 at Virginia TECH

– the Kennedy assassiation with OS/JCL agent OSWALD

– the OS/JCL OSLO CAD experiment with Utoeya and the IMS biological database … child record deletion resulting in human CAD –> CADavers

The Computer Earth system 370 LU (Logical Unit) NG (Norwegian Government) is an atomic biophysics processing device known as the humanoid LUNG.    LUNG =  LU + NG..
The Base 16 oxygen atomic weight 16 processor of NG = Norwegian Government was ranked very highly by Nature’s biophysics LU designers of the LU.NG.
But Norwegian people could care less about the symbolic quality of LUNG air/words VIA the air/word output device known as the MOUTH with ver.BAL BAL reports. Such inaccurate data reports. That was a secret; don’t tell anyone about it. Of course, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Bertrand Russell already wrote about the many artificial, official explanations of REALITY. Many reports are accurate at the surface level; but many reports lack depth …into the deeper CAUSES and EFFECTS of tragic events.

Thus we can study the supposed humanoid structures in Europe and NORWAY….. and study their CAD.aver technology. We have the above computer deaths…which are never discussed by newpapers and magazines. What is NORWAY’s greatest accomplishment in computer JOB execution technology……which they get from their European and American ( DATA BUS) business relationships in Base 16 Hex’AF’ = 175 –> AF.terlife technology.

Great Britian and their biological social Base 16 Hex’AF’ = 175 = Afternoon TEA protocol ……is the necessary conduit…the prerequiste ….to Hex’AF’ –> AFterlife social engineering technology.

British tested these methods at

1982 Hex’Fa’ = 250 = Falkland IS(lands) war
2009 Hex’Af’ = 175 = Afghanistan war 2011

Utoeya IS = Information Systems –>ISLAND with OS/JCL = OSLO JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE for execution of a batch of bio-computers. This is within the BAL = Basic Assembler Language EARTH BALTIC region.

Thus these human computer systems …..and their bio-computer JOBS have been successfully executed……that is from their citizen/government POINT of VIEW. The infant(ry) soldiers and children have been executed per bio-computer JOB instructions. ….instructions ….instructions known since year 1843 . . . . . Nathaniel Hawthorne and the
astrophysics secret CELESTIAL RAILROAD 03/28/11 17:19 ,


CALTECH and the University of Cambridge

Not a great while ago, passing through the gate of dreams, I visited that REGION of the earth in which lies the famous City of Destruction. It interested me much to learn that by the public spirit of some of the inhabitants a railroad has recently been established between this populous and flourishing town and the Celestial City. Having a little time upon my hands, I resolved to gratify a liberal curiosity by making a trip thither. Accordingly, one fine morning after paying my bill at the hotel, and directing the porter to stow my luggage behind a coach, I took my seat in the vehicle and set out for the station-house.

Our coach rattled out of the city, and at a short distance from its outskirts passed over a BRIDGE of elegant construction, but somewhat too slight, as I imagined, to sustain any considerable weight. On both sides lay an extensive quagmire, which could not have been more disagreeable either to sight or smell, had all the kennels of the earth emptied their pollution there. . . . . “This,” remarked Mr. Smooth-it-away, “is the famous Slough of Despond–a disgrace to all the neighborhood; and the greater that it might so easily be converted into firm ground.”

“I have understood,” said I, “that efforts have been made for that purpose from time immemorial. Bunyan mentions that above twenty thousand cartloads of wholesome
……INSTRUCTIONS ….had been thrown in here without effect.”

==> Thus we have the evolution of Hawthorne into the modern day secret astrophysics double-helix HAWTHORNE agents =
Haw + thorne –> Hawking + Thorne
–> Stephen Hawking and Kip S. Thorne.

These gentlemen work and think within the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Computer Earth system 370).
. . . . . . . . Thus NORWAY and its European allies probably qualify as a
group –> Mr. Smooth-it-away.

Thus the BLOG of March 28, 2011 was ignored …as were hundreds of other SIGNALS over the last 160 years. Diplomats ought consider …that modern communication protocol needs significant intellectual content ….. besides, the university and think tank biased, incomplete answers. . . . I question these citizen/government policies regarding the bio-computer CAD.aver instructions issued by citizen approved government assemblies.

For example, the United Nations general assembly…..issues
bio-assembly language instructions to human computers and human computer programmers in BAL, COBOL, etc.
Apparently, the WORLD Organization made an assembly programming ERROR and their assembler social engineering program resulted in bio-CAD murder instructions. These CAD.aver instructions supposedly were reviewed by OS/JCL BAL government funded agents in the OSLO BALTIC Sea Region.

So, we have UTOEYA as a bio-computer science ABEND.
Why the Norway cover-up; Nathaniel Hawthorne knew about brain manipulation processes and social processes in year 1843.

I certainly question the surface veneer explantions given about the events. The newspaper surface veneer details are accurate (date, time, place, nature of the tragedy, people involved, etc).

However, they do not explain the deeper levels of an event. M-theory physics can provide some details of the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology murders. In the published reports of Anders Behring Breivik views….the university atomic physics MULTI-BODY problem is carefully not mentioned ….as the parallel …supersymmetry component.
The ANDERS philosophy view of European population problems is isomorphic to the atomic anthropology Multi-Body Problem.
European scientists, university officials, and reporters are giving biased, misleading LOGIC to the general public about the atomic anthropology SCIENCE WARS. . . . . . .
NORWAY is string of atomic alphabet letters. A subset is
..RWA……and thus the no.RWA.y factor in world conflict.

Below is geography region Base 16 HEX’AF’ = 175 = AFRICA with Rwanda.

Rwanda Civil War
No other recent conflict in Africa has taken as high a toll in such a short period of time as the Rwanda genocide, in which between half a million and a million people were massacred. From April to July 1994, extremist political groups organized the massacre, directed primarily at the minority Tutsi ethnic group, but also against those from the Hutu majority who opposed the killings or had been active in the pro-democracy movement. The slaughter ended when rebel forces of the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) overthrew the genocidal government. However, ongoing political tensions, guerrilla warfare and massive refugee movements have continued to sow political instability and humanitarian crises throughout the Great Lakes region, including in neighbouring Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire).

Rwanda’s population consists of three ethnic groups: Hutus (88%), Tutsis (11%), and Twa pygmies (1%). The Republic of Rwanda has been torn apart by ethnic division and a civil war between the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi. An estimated 1 million people were killed within a three month period in 1994. The Tutsi-led Rwanda Patriotic Front was victorious and has formed a new government. Subsequently, many refugees (mostly Hutus) have fled Rwanda to neighboring Zaire (~2 million), Tanzania (~480,000), Burundi (~200,000) and Uganda (~10,000). In addition, another 1 million refugees were believed to be within Rwanda. These refugees have concentrated in huge numbers at barren places with no sanitation, polluted water and little food. These conditions have caused great suffering

and mass death. Thus history repeats itself with and(ers) mass death of Norway children. Revenge?

What is mass death?
Proton mass death in biophysics FORMAT?
Neutron mass death caused by atomic neurotransmitters? . . . .
Who can answer these questions?

The place to ASK has a website.

Aug 30, 2011 –  on selected Sunday afternoons. Questions about Fermilab? About physics? Take your science questions straight to the .

Program: Ask-a-Scientist – Fermilab Education Once each month (except Februrary), physicists answer questions and explain … Special Event/Tour Detail:

Ask-a-Scientist Guided Tour of Fermilab Physicists answer questions and explain everything from the Big Bang to how …

the Big Bang…..that sounds like the shooting on UTOEYA Island …part of EARTH LAB atomic message processing UTOE –> Unified Theory of Everything…..Special EVENT.

Program:ask-a-Scientist –   Fe=Ferrous oxide HEME Education
…………mask           …. Dumas,The
of ferrous FermiLAB Once each month (except Fe(brurary)) …. (month of Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic calender exception),
physicists answer questions and explain …

Special Event / Tour Detail of OSLO, OS/JCL and OS = Office of Science with periodic atomic table element OS –> 76 Osmium 190.23

Progra.m  Ask-a-Scientist

Physicists answer questions and explain … Special Event/Tour Detail: . . . Thus we have the astrophysics local region EARTH LAB and the Big Bang SIGNAL from euROPE….string theory battles. . . . . . . Where else can be look at Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family messages? We know that mass communications ..like television and newspapers is best described as atomic mass communications VIA linear algebra transformation T –> Vector space and the neutrons of cellulose newspapers. Thus we THINK.
Think of an atomic city like the atomic WORD:
….Batavia and its algebra subset: ….Bat
….Bat anthropology
Com batant …. Groups

-FDLR – Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda -Interahamwe
-Peuple en armes pour la liberation du Rwanda (PALIR) -Arm¨¦e pour la lib¨¦ration du Rwanda (ALIR) -ex-FAR (Forces armees rwandaises) -Rwandan Liberation Army . . . . . . .
Rwanda Map, Map of Rwanda,
Rwanda is located in Central Africa. The map of Rwanda presents a clear view of the geography of the country. The flag, touristy spots and politically important … . . .

Thus we see the COMPUTER EARTH geography
LAND –> LAN + D = Local Area Network Data . .
Central AFRICA –> implies a COMPUTER EARTH Central Processing Unit …….specifically,

AFRica subset –> AFR translated into AFR –> A + F + R which expanded is

Base 16 Hex’A’ = 10…. Hex’F’ = 15  Range or
Base 16 Hex’A’ = 10…. Hex’F’ = 15 Region . . . .
AFR = A + F + R = Base 16 X’A’ = 10….. X’F’ = 15 Range in AFRICA

with parallel / supersymmetry REGION in North America

Base 16 X’A’ = Argonne….. X’F’ = FermiLAB

an EARTH LAB processing region in Northern Illinois. . . . Let’s present some factors that may or may not help explain these complexities of Earth Lab social engineering technology and its multi-faceted dimensions. . . . 1st component) What additional computer features exist ithat are common to NORWAY and RWANDA citizen bio-computer wars………. ..RWA…….RWA

RWA –> Random Work Area …a concept used on many copper wire computer systems and their software.

CICS Interview Questions – mainframe guru.com sites

IBM’s Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an on-line teleprocessing … TWA Task Work Area. AID Attention Identifier. CWA Common Work Area …… Random, Sequential, forward and backward. Q217) How will you access a VSAM file …

Program Product Customer Information Control System/Virtual

The various jobs need not arrive in a completely random and …. I/O and work areas are allocated by CICS/VS when needed, from a … . . . . . . 2nd factor) …. a possible input to RWA tragedy. [PDF] A RANDOM-KEYS GENETIC ALGORITHM FOR ROUTING AND by TF NORONHA – Cited by 4 – Related articles of routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) in WDM optical networks. … chromosomes are vectors of real numbers (called random keys) in the range [0,1] . There …. (Thiago F. Noronha) DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, CATHOLIC …

Routing and wavelength assignment – Wikipedia, the free … The routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem is a optical … Typically this path is computed ahead of time using a shortest path algorithm, …. Two of the most common methods for wavelength assignment are First Fit and Random Fit. …

A NOVEL SOLUTION TO THEDYNAMIC ROUTINGAND …by U Bhanja – Related articles International journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC), Vol.2, … In the dynamic RWA problem, since connection requests arrive randomly, it … Papers coauthored by Aravind Srinivasan

RWA = Routing and Wavelength Assignment in Optical Networking; … with Very Weak Random Sources, with D. Zuckerman, SIAM Journal on Computing, Vol. … . . . . . . . Thus we have a serious situation…..that needs more research funds.

Thus we have an interesting EARTH with EUROPE and its binary geography BAL regions. BAL = Basic Assembler Language North BAL = Baltic Region South Bal = Balkan Region

Thus World War 2 ……involved the BASE 2 BAL Regions.

Yugoslavia in 1994 was a BAL REGION war with the big MAC –> Earth MACRO subroutines of Macedonia and the United States role with President CLI (CLINTON) = Compare Logical Instruction

European citizens and news reporters and magazine editors like to fabricate stories about why EVENTS occur. Their CAUSE and EFFECT logic is incomplete. Thus the TALE of Two Cities…..they live and describe 1 city…….and they need a bridge messenger (like myself) to explain the relationship between the 1st city and 2nd city ….. of causality. They make Hollywood script writers look like amateurs.

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com

China refuses diplomatic recognition of the Solar System and its Computer Earth system 370 government.

China refuses diplomatic recognition of the Solar System . . . . . . COMPUTER EARTH system 370 government. Understanding Nature’s social engineering systems and the subset human government experiments.


The Solar System has 9 planets…equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth……is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror….the copper wire computer systems. The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war….known as binary systems WAR = World War 2.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16. Year 16 16……the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project. Today, Einstein’s field theory is better described as Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory.

The battle at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007 was an example of an Einstein base 16 FIELD theory…….battle.FIELD.

In Novemeber, 2011 we have the PennState physics battle with Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory and its application to the football field –> DATA FIELD. Mr. Joe P, head coach, symbolizes computer science industry companies and university data processing departments. Their brain computer experiments involve PennState
JOE = Job Order Entry. . . . . .

Thus we look at CHINA as a bio-computer science EARTH LAB experiment.

Picture bali darwin


. . Thus we see China, Asia ….. Jarkata, Bali (pointer to yellow dot), Indonesia …. and the evolutionary key of Darwin, Australia.

China with a population of 1,339,724,852 in November 1, 2010 provides many bio-computer humanoids for EARTH LAB brain computer experiments. These experiments are known to Asian intellectuals and Chinese heritage thinkers born in England, Canada , and the United States …. that attended English language grammer schools. Thus the well-known experimental protocol as published. . . . Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Jan 11, 2011 ¨C Who Stole the Tarts? … In the very middle of the court was a table, with a large dish of tarts upon it: they looked so good, …. Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered , and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. … . . . Thus lets consider the EARTH government VIEW of CHINA. Partition COMPUTER EARTH word CHINA –> CH + IN + A = Compare Halfword INstruction Assembler.

Thus we have the BALI, Indonesia CLUE to CHINA. The conferences in BALI is about computer language BAL interface. BAL = Basic Assembler Language of Computer Earth. Thus we have the world HIERARCHY PROBLEM ….. the Margaret Mead atomic computer anthropology problem with Tom Watson Labs. Nature’s BAL geography systems are not recognized by human intellectuals. Hence, the Earth system 370 OS/JCL battle at UTOEYA, OSLO, Norway. Here, we have the ASIA BAL region.

picture  bali map

BAL = Basic Assembler Language for computers …..copper wire computer or human bio-computers. Thus the Darwin evolution of BALI = Basic Assembler Language Island with the main frame bio-computer of mainland CHINA. Thus the human bio-computer equation CH + IN + A. . .

picture - CH instruction

. .

picture - ch four instruct

. . The above computer code is well-known to data processing professionals and university computer scientists and political science professors. Computer World magazine, newspapers, and magazines remember the COMPUTER TRIALS ….. known to Virginia TECH Kafka English professors as : The TRIAL. . . . . Gang of Four – Wikipedia The Gang of Four (simplified Chinese: ËÄÈË°ï; traditional Chinese: ËÄÈËžÍ; pinyin: S¨¬r¨¦n b¨¡ng) was the name given to a political faction composed of four …

Formation – Role – Downfall – Aftermath CH INA: The Gang of Four on Trial – Dec 1, 1980 ¨C After many delays, the “evildoers “finally enter the dock The long parade of limousines and buses knifed through Peking’s wintry smog just …

picture - ch four instruct

. . . Gang of Four (Chinese politicians) — Britannica Online Gang of Four (Chinese politicians), the most powerful members of a radical political elite convicted for implementing the harsh policies directed by Chinese …

BBC ON THIS DAY | 11 | 1976: China’s ‘Gang of Four’ The new head of the Communist Party (Union), Hua Goufeng, snuffs out a coup led by Chairman Mao’s widow Jiang Qing and three others party members. . We see additional keyword bio-computer concepts:

–> buses = data buses –> CPU = Communist Party Union = Central Processing Unit . . . . . . Thus we see that copper wire computers are sometimes a mirror of social institution structures. .
–> Copper wire version

IBM Basic assembly language – BAL (Basic Assembly Language) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390 and z/Series, as well …

IBM System/370 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The IBM System/370 (S/370) was a model range of IBM mainframes announced on …. would be needed before non-assembler applications could be migrated. …


picture - IBM 370 word

. . . –> Biology computer with the oxygen atom .. hexadecimal Base 16 LUNG human processor with 370 million adults in CHINA with a brain computer …. would be equivalent to a system 370.

Thus the copper system 370 main frame … supersymmetry mirror physics …. is the bio-physics system of 370 million on main land CHINA, Asia.

picture - system 370

. . . . Thus supersymmtry physics and parallel processing ….. with Grand Unified Theory ….explains the context of this EARTH LAB multi-component experiment.

Thus we see ASIA in the context of COMPUTER EARTH system 370.

map- china

What are some of the Solar SYSTEM 370 data processing CLUES to understanding societies?

–> Burma = Buffer Map –> Russia = RU SSI A = Request Unit Solar System Instruction Assembler

–> VIETNAM war = Computer Earth war …for Texas AM Universe.. word subset code VTAM = Vitual Telecommunications Acess Method

–> CHINA = Compare Halfword Instruction Assembler . . . . . But who cares about such things? The Science Wars involve Computer Science and the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer. While humans may not care; the Earth government is concerned about its brain engineering projects …. and with Nature’s vast intellect being used for brain defense .. military strategy …. its just a question of time … before subset governments realize their perception problems.

Thus we see the 37th President …. symbolic of sytem 370 …. visit China. The Base 16 hexadecimal address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue sent messenger Richard Nixon to CHINA to discuss the IBM system 370 COMPUTER EARTH device UNIT = North Pole magnetic data field TAPE project of geology and geography professors. That’s another topic. . . . . What a puzzle! Thus world affairs become more complicated as the EARTH government and Nature’s intellect become the MAJOR PLAYER in everything. Sooner or later, human institutions will have to understand the BIGGER PICTURE of Sartre existentialism. . . . . .

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Solar System data processing with Computer Earth system 370 Europe geography map. Computer science WAR results in deletion of the Norway IMS biological data base CHILD reocords.


The Solar System has 9 planets…equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth……is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological computer systems and their mirror….the copper wire computer systems.

The mathematical-physics copper wire electron computer mirror came into existence after the Base 2 math war….known as World War 2 …..really a GALILEO astronomy war over year 1632 book: 2 Chief World Systems.

What are the 2 systems?
This Manhattan Project anthropology physics question…..left unanswered…. became the EARTH battlefield of SEPT. 11, 2001 with the 2 Towers of the World Trade Center symbolic of the 2 Chief World Systems problem. Universities will not join me into researching this modern phase of the Galileo WAR. Thus, we have astronomy shooting stars at Columbine High School, Cole Hall, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and Oslo,Norway.

The first major Solar System computer project manager on EARTH was Galileo in year 16 16.
Year 16 16……the Base 16 HEX space and Base 16 HEX time project.

Today, Einstein’s field theory is better described as Einstein’s data processing DATA FIELD theory. The battle at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007 was an example of an Einstein base 16 FIELD theory…….battle.FIELD.

Looking at Europe…..we see Computer Earth and its Base 16 hexadecimal geography map.

Base 16 Hex’A’ = 10 = Anglo-Saxon countries

Base 16 Hex’B’ = 11 = Britian (island) Base 16 Hex’B’ = 11 = Belgium (mainland)

Base 16 Hex”C’ = 12 = Czechoslovakia

Base 16 Hex’D’ = 13 = Denmark

Base 16 Hex’E’ = 14 = England (island Base 16 Hex’E’ = 14 = English channel (communications channel) Base 16 Hex’E’ = 14 = Europe (main continent)

Base 16 Hex’F’ = 16 = France Base 16 Hex’F’ = 16 = Finland

Bal regions –> Basic Assembler Language Baltic Sea (north east Europe) Balkan Peninsula (south east Europe)

OS/JCL –> city of OS –> OS10, Norway

Spanish –> Spanned data records

Porugal –> I/O Port of Computer Earth

Macedonia –> Mac –> Earth macro subroutines . . . . . Rhine River –> Rh –> Record Hexadecimal

Rhine River –> the living EARTH cell….water100 flow ……………………………………….100 Rhine River parallel or symmetry bio-physics bl00d flow . . . Rhine River…..factories Rh…………..factors in the biology rivers = bl00d flow Rh…………..fa Rh = Record hex’fa’= 250 . . . Net…..modern copper wire Inter.NET…to trap Net Netherlands –> the 800 year old bio-symbolic computer internet Net.

The bio-computer NET wars also involve the
bio-computer Boy Scout NET of  with Marinette High Scoool, Wisconsin WAR casualty Sam Hengel and
bio-computer system of IS = ISrael with secret language bio-computer  NET agent Benjamin Netanyahu …prime minister of Israel with LINKS to Tanya Harding  and others.

Of course, none of this exists. Scientists and universities will not discuss the issues and factors in the Norway shooting….a shooting reflecting their Carl Jung collective unconscious DATA errors. The Margaret Mead nuclear family….atomic brain message is Nature’s feedback SIGNAL via event format: tragedy.

Lewis Carroll, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Rudlof Carnap and other authors have outlined the social manipulation processes, propaganda, and endoctrination problems of large socities. Thus the easy brainwashing of a shooter. Human brain computer programming VIA mass communications media is a well known process……used by advertising/marketing to sell products….and used by other groups to program a shooter.

Thus we have a remote controlled, time delayed social process. For example …..the theory is: murder prgram instructions are embedded within a series of television programs and broadcast to an audience of say 2 million people. The instructions enter the eyes and ears of 2 million candidates. Then the probability laws of the university go into effect…. the chance ..brain cell ..orders –> chance cell orders –> chan.cell.or commands….thus the high probability that 1 person’s subliminal mind will take the television commands and over months….enhance them…embody them…rationalize them …..as the original, obscure manipulating GROUP intended.

These Carl Jung collective unconscious manipulating groups pretend to be aware. In their mind…their biased frame of reference……they believe that. When given a open book math, particle physics in depth, awareness TEST….a gestalt TEST …they talk and write the usual surface veneer story line. Such is the case in the university shootings….for example, the George Orwell atomic English language OCEANIA battle in Oceanography class with the Navy U.S.S. COLE and the Marines song ‘HALL(s) of Montezuma’ …giving the COLE HALL battlefield in DeKalb, Illinois.

Thus the modern atomic English..atomic brain language and the optical/audio TELEVISION war…. with symbolic brain military WORD commands. Hence, the electromagnetic wave mechanics bio-physics battle –> George Orwell OCEANIA battle with Northern Illinois University social science nonsense.

The organic chemistry …brain molecular English language battle was at Virginia TECH. University social chemistry instructions are biased and incomplete. Their social engineering and political science error stories are printed in newspapers. They will not accurately explain the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology context of tragic events.

Another factor is the neuroscience (Brain Radio). This concept was suggested by various music groups such as RADIO HEAD and Talking Heads ….which helps explain the Radio Free/Freak Europe battle in year 1956 in Hungary with the atomic mass of 56 of Ferrous oxide Heme group fe(ii) ion used by ther iron myoglobin proteins of authors and newspaper reporter…whose arm muscles have written false messages to the the U.S.ARM Y-chromsome high command and NatO periodic atomic table government forces..represented by N = Nitrogen 14 and O = Oxygen 16 of LUNG biochemistry cell military force that report to Mother EARTH governemnt with John Locke and Nature’s intellect.

In addition, year 1956 announces the beginning of the end of the British social philosophy errors……a problem mentioned by Russell/Whitehead in year 1910 in book –> Principia Marematica to * 56 which we know as ther IRON CURTAIN book ………………..atom star 56 thus the math logic war in year 1956 in Hungary and the IRON CURTAIN about the periodic atomic table elements and their atomic thoughts.

The Hierarchy Problem of atomic anthropology continues… Fer –> Ferrous oxide atomic agents –> Fer_–> FermiLAB denies iron Hemoglobion proteins have awareness.

NOBEL scientists with LUNGS deny that their NOBEL NOSE component = Nitrogen Oxygen has computer SENSE codes with oxygen Base 16 possible thoughts. Denial of Nature’s intellectual policies and standards is a risky and tricky process. Social psychology wars have consequences….such the COLE Hall OCEANIA battle with Illi.noise(e).

Take the NOSE people of N + OS + E —> Norway OSlo Europe. The adults did not recognize the Sarte existential NOSE WAR with NOBEL thinkers…who deny the SCIENCE WAR casualties. The Norwegian adults are stating to Nature that their organic molecule CH building block expressions ( CH = human CHildren) have SCIENCE WAR noses. Thus NORWAY and Europe are caught in the SCIENCE WARS …..which are not seroius matters for Europeans ……the Pinnochio’s Nose people.
Norway, Britain, and the USA don’t care …..they will not cooperate into understanding all the steps involved in the M-theory physics process….and the M-theory applied physics —> Murder-theory into atomic social anthropology crimes. Thus we need an understanding of daily life within Nature’s vast atomic /astrophysics continuum….and its TREE of Knowledge.

Thus we have modern CAD –> Computer Aided Design and its modern bio-computer application. Bio-CAD –> Computer Aided Design of human student CAD = Cadavers. Thus the COMPUTER SCIENCE social programming errors in Europe…errors acceptable to Citizens. Citizens will not fix the errors ….thus violating the SOCIAL CONTRACT with the Computer Earth government.

In Europe …the biological IMS database problem resulted in the child record deletion in Norway.
Thus the biological IMS database child records were physically deleted. In other European countries …thus far…..the IMS biology database CHILD brain symbolic records are logically deleted …but still have CHILD still has a physical biological existence.

Deleting Duplicate Child Records via Child Fix 

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View bad if you improperly use the Delete option. IMS and had an IMS generated Child
1: DB record deleted (HISAM or index). 2: Segment
How to locate all logical children: logical child first (LCF); logical child last (LCL). a. At DMBFLAG, if flag

IMS abends – 0803 – 


3535012C, In deleting a logical child segment which the Delete module
6565032C, After traversing a logical  relationship and obtaining an  overflow record,

Thus we have…. since 1950 …French philosophy …Being and Nothingness.
Now Norway has experienced Nothingness…..as they have no/a nothing interest in understanding EARTH Lab social processes and the social science wars in progress. European university arrogance and their puppet string theory governments only understand their special elite point of view…which is very incomplete.

The atomic bio-physics molecular brain of Willian Shakespeare ….around 1600 wrote ” The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors”. Norway thus had a tragic play performance…..and EUROPE refuses to TRY to understand what William Shakespeare was trying to express. Since NORWAY social science intellectuals live in some dream land…… state of MIND …..they are reminded that the Norwegian children are NOT playing DEAD….as in some afternoon school theater performance.

Those intellectuals and educators can accept some responsiblity …. their brain needs to distinguish between different levels..such as the difference between REAL Theater of Science WARS (real death) VS the ivory towers of….REEL Theater and brain movies (simulated death in a play). Citizens have no interest, they are so busy talking nonsense on cellular phones…their brain cells can’t think concepts about EARTH LAB social engineering control processes.

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

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Symbolic universe life vowels (A, E, I, O, U) defeat human vowel permutation (U, i, O, E) = University i Oslo, Europe. The continuum communications protocol ERROR results in Utoeya.


Previous articles have contained important SCIENCE  WAR news …..SIGNALS …..that affect the entire world; but European citizens are to concerned about songs and dances, nightclubs, sports, music, etc.  to pay attention to such deeper subjects as  Sartre existentialism.

However, Nature and the MIlky WAY Universe ….continue with Project PLan: Recapture of Planet EARTH…… which started around  YEAR  1616 with Galileo the Defender(of EARTH)  from brain intellectual errors. Below is an excerpt of the blog avaliable on the INTERNET. . . . . .

The Symbolic Origin of the Universe  12/27/10 20:25 , Categories: Uncategorized RD-Blog-109

Before solids, gravity, and electromagnetc waves existed; before the BIG BANG –> we assume an axiom (Schopenhauer) –> that a symbolic universe of thought, will, and ideas existed and wished to express itself in a new media

–> thus the BIG BANG and the new dimensions of visbile, tangible expressions –> such as solid-state physics, interaction of gravity with mass, electromagnetic life in biological EM format = EMBASSY diplomatic officials.

–> The mathematical creation of physical existence has a few components;
one is the GALILEO Hexadecimal Base 16 construct.

Organizations affected by the COMPUTER EARTH Galileo WAR include:

The United States Federal Aviation Administration –> incomplete math exponential accident reports:
HEX’FAA’ = F x 16 exp 2 + A x 16 exp 1 + A x 16 exp 0.

The British Royal Air Force –> RAF
–> computer earth REGION hex’A’ = 10 thru hex’F’ = 15 of Base 16 Royal AIR
Air  = Oxygen atomic base 16 data processor.
The Royal AIR Force is now fighting the Base 16 HEX’FF” = High-Values= 255 math battle in the HIGH-mountains geography region designated RAF –> Region AF= AFGHANISTAN.
Does the RAF realize this math component of the WAR?
British readers of this BLOG may communicate their SCIENCE WAR view to British military chat-rooms and British think tanks…give this BLOG as your reference source. This is a new dimension of understanding the AFGHAN WAR; its called thinking outside the box.

–> The symbolic English vowel system: A E I/O U gives access to the galactic computer
–> vowels I/O = Input/Output. The galactic system 370 social engineering project plan identifiers are:

Vowel  A = American geographic location
Vowel  E = E pluri BUS unum (the GREAT SEAL) data BUS
Vowel  I = Input data stream
Vowel  O = Output data pipeline
Vowel  U = other sides of the multi-facted UNIVERSAL MIND

A major galactic SYMBOLIC COMPUTER battle was with the English Department at Virginia TECH University…representative of North American university intellectual errors. Usage of the English language for schemes, biased explanations of events, propaganda, BRAVE NEW WORLD brain manipulation….seems to be the approved policy of universities…and the STANDARD they teach students.

The phrase: The WORLD is a stage …… and we are the actors
(such as the WORLD theater player MR.CHO). So what is the SECRET theater script …the symbolism…that the university faculties cover-up?

William Shakespeare from year 1600 already explained the basic concept: The WORLD is a stage …and we are the players’.
Thus a message from year 1600 to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,the WHITE HOUSE address (IBM Base 16 hexadecimal …WHITE optical spectrum used by eyes/optical nerve with the brain HOUSE of photon nouns/verbs/symbolic city).

The university and newspaper reporters conspiracy …accusing MR.CHO as the sole CAUSE of the tragedy …… is the poorest intellectual fantasy explanation ever invented in the last 400 years.
The event is one of many SCIENCE WAR tragedies: . . . .
Shakespeare – All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And ONE MAN in his time plays many parts, … . . . .

Thus we have the UTOEYA  battle with the

Universe symbolic life (a, e, I, O, U)  versus  university (U i O)

–> University input OUTPUT ……with agent group –> University of Oslo Europe.

The European institutions have to much  language garabage, trivia news reports, incomplete explanations given for serious EVENTS such as Utoeya.  All Europe and America  have major empty spots in their Margaret Mead nuclear family …….atomic political science and  atomic social  science reports.

The message of the Milky WAY galaxy point of view for EARTH LAB agents: ……WAY ….NORWAY ..an agent for  Europe.

Norway and Europe   don’t properly communicate on the serious intellectual matters of atomic/astrophysics  anthropology continuum. Their arrogance has annoyed the UNIVERSE ….just like the arrogance of theology annoyed the Galileo SOLAR SYSTEM project of year 1616 thru 1643. . . . . . . . Thus we see the SIGNALS of  British astronomy and the SET Institute in California on the STATUS of  the Milky Way  war region.

Search Results SETI Institute SETI Institute 2011 SETI Institute. All Rights Reserved. Le.gal 
Contact us –> gal.axy contact usa agents

189 Bernardo Road, Suite 100.
Mountain View, CA 94043.
Phone 650.961.6633.
Fax 650-961-7099.

Allen  is 4/5 symbolically the same as an Alien symbolic brain structure … . thus we have the Computer EARTH data space secret of VSAM CA = Control Area of CA = CA.lifornia . . CALTECH and University of CALIFORNIA…are thus EARTH data sets…..their small  subset institutions embbedded within the larger VSAM data set. Thus professors are in a hexadecimal  Base 16 hex trap…….known to astrophysics insiders as the ..extra ..extraterrestial brains with ALIEN/nonsense thoughts…. ….trap is a subset WORD ……and has trapped the professorial CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 370 brain symbolic computer.

. . .


Alien Telecscope array….. parallel processing with Allen Allen Telescope Array www.seti.org/ata 2011 SETI Institute. All Rights . . . . . . Thus we see the North American Base 16 alpha/numeric SCIENCE WAR  zone at Virginia TECH on April 16, 2007.

The astrophysics EARTH LAB war region  in Europe is with the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 base 16 hexadecimal symbolic warriors….of space/time region on EARTH ..giving  EARTH LAB events in astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth). . . . . . .

Signal as reported by SETI deep undercover agents.
Galactic KEYWORDS:

Milk –> Milky way Galactic forces ..most likely in G = Gravity thought wave  FORMAT and the interaction of gravity with brain  atomic mass.

Farm –> Base 16 Hex’Fa’ = 250

Dairy farms –> Da + Fa –> Data Hex’Fa’ = 250

Dump –> Computer Earth system 370 abend signal ….BAL computer program abend/dump near region BAL = BALTIC with the Norwegian national <b>assembly language…government program </b>for child brain bio-computers using the LUNG oxygen atomic processor base 16 weight..the weight of heavy thinking atoms. .

Sept 16 –> Galileo base 16 Hexadecimal space/time . .  Business –> data BUS .

Belgian Farmers go on Milk-Dump  Binge to Protest Low Prices earth first.In Europe, you can get a liter of milk for 20 (Euro) cents. That doesn’t even begin to cover dairy farmers’ expenses – and to make a point, they’ve dumped … BBC NEWS | Europe | Farmers protest by dumping milk

Sep 16, 2009
Dairy  farmers in Belgium, who are angry at low prices, have begun spraying three million litres of milk on a field in protest.   More videos for milk dumping europe » Europe’s farmers dump milk to protest low prices | us-europe-dairy-protests-

Sep 16, 2009 – They blame both the European Commission and local governments and about 7000 liters of milk was dumped in front of German agriculture … Belgian farmers dump milk in price protest – Business – World

Sep 16, 2009 – Image: Dumping milk … Romuald Schaber, the president of the European Milk Board farmers’ group, said up to half the milk farmers in some …

–> up to half the milk implies book by Galielo ” Two chief World Systems”.

Milk  dump. ing sweeps Europe
Milk dump ……weeps Europe
Milky way dump weeps Europe –> Utoeya and Liege tragedies

| Article | Feedstuffs Weekly. .
Milky Way galaxy with the Solar System processor of 9 planets (equivalent to 8 data bits + 1 error checking bit) and then COMPUTER EARTH system 370 with OS/JCL and
OSLO, nor.WAY  …..
milky  WAY  DUMP . . . . . . . .
IBM User’s Guide, Thirteenth Edition
The following job produces the ASSIST User’s Guide , U05-0082. …..
In batch mode, real terminal interaction is not possible; avoid using the HELP command and the …..
To suppress printing of the  dump in the event  Abend-AID is unable to …

Site Map –
IBM Mainframe
ibm mainframes.com/sitemap IBM MAINFRAMES.com – IBM Mainframe Support Forums Index ….. Abend U0271 while restarting IMS batch job. Abend U0602 … Abend-Aid  dump reading  ..

cobol –  How to abend job intentionally   –
Stack Overflow 
stack overflow questions  (another example of Computer Earth  …TEXAS)

Joe Stack wasn’t wrong about  code –
Joe Stack – Salon.com

Feb 19, 2010 – 18, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Stack, a software engineer furious with the Internal Revenue Service plowed his small plane into an office building …

Site Map –
Jul 2, 2010 Is it possible to abend your job intentionally through COBOL program. …
In an IBM batch environment, the RETURN-CODE set by your program … You may also issue a program dump  from a program run under Language … Get more discussion results

Site Map –  of aNorwegian  batch of children data records at  the UTOEYA bio-computer DUMP tragedy. Norway and the European countries refuse to help understand this event.

Solves the  problems of dealing with complex dumps  through its automated … for Batch, CICS Transaction and System Dumps, and MQSeries abends. … Advanced handling and presentation of  dump information and job listings mean …
DumpMaster accepts the format change IBM made to the Common Vector Table (CVT). … [PDF] . . . . . Norway and Europe just ignore the Milky WAY message SIGNAL –> MILK DUMP.  Europeans are superior to the entire universe and everthing that can or may exist.

This intellectual modesty?
Thus the citizen  neglect of intellectual integrity…results in UTOEYA. . . . . Those readers interested in joint research, writing a book or magazine articles, please contact me.  Government agencies are welcome to fund further research into these atomic social matters ……part of GUT = Grand Unified Theory of physics which includes atomic humans and their atomic emotions and brain electron circuits of thought.  . . . .

CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

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